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Read Across America Day

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I need your help and the awesome part is you probably already have what I’m looking for. For Read Across America Day (march 1 this year) we are trying to make sure Braille is part of the conversation. To ensure we have content to push out, particularly in social media streams, we are asking people to submit pictures of themselves or their children/students reading Braille in cool and diverse locations (on a beach, in the woods, at Disney World, at the Golden Gate Bridge). I’m guessing you all already have these kind of pictures just sitting around. Where was your last vacation? Were you reading Braille? Did someone happen to take a picture of you? The other thing we’re asking for are videos of people reading braille, maybe a Seuss book. That, I realize, you probably don’t have laying around your house, but maybe you’re willing to record one. No cinematographer needed, a web cam or iPhone video will work just fine.

You can read more about our plans for Read Across America Day online.

If nothing else, take 5 minutes March 1 or 2 to read to a child in your life and celebrate Read Across America Day!

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.
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