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New School Year

Just to get things rolling with a new school year beginning, here are a few links with loads of information, inspiration, and answers to many questions that students/clients may have.

BlindHOW, "Finding answers & sharing knowledge related to any question regarding blindness & visual impairment"

Braille Institute documents and multimedia files for information, research or education.

VisionAware™, Resources for Independent Living with Vision Loss

And, looking forward to professional development...

AER will hold its next International Conference in San Antonio, TX in 2014.  The AERBVI Board also approved a request from the Orientation and Mobility Division to hold a separate conference in 2013 specifically focused on Orientation and Mobility, similar to the "mega conference" held in New Orleans, LA in 2003 with over 600 in attendance.  Location and date are yet to be determined.

Top 15 Reasons To Be Part of the DBMAT and Texas ...
Independence Science Access Blog

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