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New Feature on Ambutech Canes

If you have ordered a new Ambutech cane recently you will likely be surprised to find a new feature when changing your cane tip.  Ambutech is now including a Cordlock device with all canes that use the hook style tip.  Previously when changing a tip you had to be careful to hold the cord so that it would not release back into the cane shaft after being pulled out as the tip was removed.  Many people would place a pencil or pen between the knot on the cord at the loop and the cane shaft to make replacing the hook style tip a bit easier, and then remove it after the new tip was installed so the cord and tip could be drawn back into the shaft of the cane.  The challenge with this approach was that a pen or pencil was not always nearby when changing a tip and using a finger under the knot instead of another tool made it difficult to work with both hands to replace the old tip with a new one.

Well, someone came up with a rather ingenious system that allows a small plastic piece to be on the cord just past the knot, so when the tip is pulled from the cane and the cord is stretched the small plastic Cordlock will pop out just after the knot and automatically deploy itself to hold the cord in place until the new tip is installed.  Ambutech has included a YouTube video complete with audio description to make the process more clear.

The following link will take you to it:

Three cheers for a simple innovation that will likely spare much frustration and at least a few pinched fingers.

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