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Lesson Plan Template for the Expanded Core Curriculum and National Agenda

This came across a TVI listserv in West Virginia; posted by Trina Britcher. It’s definitely worth sharing.

I wanted to share with you a link to a lesson plan template for the Expanded Core Curriculum and National Agenda that is on the Harrison County Schools website. This is much more relevant to our profession than templates based on the Common Core. You are free to access and use it if you would like.

The nine areas of the expanded core are in capital letters. If you click in the white space below the broad area, a drop down menu will show which lists a variety of goals. These were taken from the Iowa document and used in West Virginia with the permission of Karen Blankenship. The remaining four blanks can be personalized to meet the teacher's needs.

Simple and easy. Just what I like:)

Our computer guru, Janet Benicosa, was kind enough to work with me to develop this tool. I hope some of you find it beneficial.
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