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iOS 6 Maps for Travel

Now that you've upgraded to iOS 6 on your device, what do you do for transit directions?

With all the nice things that came along with the recent update to Apple's iOS, there was one change that may affect the way Orientation and Mobility Specialists share information with students/clients, and for travelers in general who use public transportation.  The built in Maps application that was previously a Google Maps iteration has now switched to an Apple creation.  One feature notably absent is the ability to select pedestrian or public transportation options for directions when creating a route.  This was a nice feature for planning travel and changing plans while on the go in previous versions of iOS.  So what is there to do now?

One solution is to go to the built in browser, Safari, and navigate to  This will bring up a mobile version of Google Maps and will likely automatically give you the option to save the app (or what some may call a Web App) to the desktop with its very own clickable icon.  So far this seems to be the closest approximation though it is a bit different in its entry protocol for entering route details.  Other options include downloading a free app that is specific to transportation.  Two such options are The Transit App and HopStop.  Both allow you to find nearby transportation with details for route specifics and arrival/departure times.  If you are traveling to other cities in the country or internationally you can check ahead to see if these or other apps serve transit in the destination city.

Hope this helps make your travel as productive and spontaneous as you'd like!

Contributed by Chris Tabb, TSBVI O&M Specialist
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