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Google Maps for iOS

It's Back, and It's Better:

Google Maps has returned as a standalone app to the iOS.  The app now longer needs to be saved as a Web page icon to the device's home screen and can be downloaded directly from the Apple iOS App Store.  The new app from Google does not include route options for bicycles, but in addition to the default vehicle list mode for directions, it also includes public transportation and pedestrian mode.  The displayed route for the starting and ending points you enter will display results that are accessible via VoiceOver and for public transportation can even include the number and location of bus stops along the provided route so travelers will know what stops to be aware of as they near their destination if they choose to exit early, etc.

So if you were previously utilizing this app when it was "built in" to the previous iOS from Apple, you can now have one more reason to be joyous this holiday season.
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