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From Online PDF to Print, Accessibly

When creating PDF documents that may be effectively shared online and still look nice when printed, make sure that you do not overlook these basic items. 

  1. semantically tagged content (headings, lists, tables)
  2. logical reading order (test with a screen reader)
  3. embed fonts
  4. descriptive hyperlinks, no "click here" language
  5. color contrast ratio 4.5:1
  6. ​informational images have alternative text
  7. decorative images are marked as artifacts
  8. linked table of contents
  9. logical bookmarks 
  10. Accessibility Permission Flag is set to 'on'
  11. primary language is set
  12. tables are tagged with rows, headers

These are just a few of the most important things to remember when creating your PDF document. If you have questions or would like more information, email me.

See also and Matterhorn Protocol which is an accessible document that meets and models all of the above requirements: 
College Success Program
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