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For Students and Travelers with an Apex BrialleNote there is a new tool for orientation and mobility in the most recent update. The latest software update for the Apex provides an accessible map solution from Sendero Group called KeyMaps. It allows the user to virtually explore areas all over the country and can also be upgraded to a full GPS solution with a bluetooth receiver, etc

Here is the post from HumanWare about the KeyMaps software that is included in the KeySoft 9.4.1 update.


KeySoft 9.4.1 includes a new application on all Apex units called KeyMaps. In partnership with Sendero Group, KeyMaps brings the first included completely accessible mapping experience for those with visual impairments. Using only your Apex, you can:

Download maps of your chosen country,

Find a specific address or point of interest,

Look up phone numbers and additional information for points of interest,

Virtually walk around a chosen location,

Create and learn routes from one point to the next.

Once you choose the “Navigation” option from the Apex’s main menu, or by pressing N, the application will be launched and you will be asked to register to obtain a license. You must follow the registration steps as the license is necessary to download your different maps and use the product. To complete the registration process, your Apex must be connected to the Internet. Each user can download their country’s map freely. If you would like to download any additional countries, or to purchase a license for outdoor use of the KeyMaps application, please contact your local HumanWare office.

The KeyMaps application is an English only application and runs using the English speech regardless of your system language."

For those not familiar with Sendero Maps, you can find additional information on the Sendero Group's Support and Documentation Web page ( or the Sendero Group announcement page

HumanWare also has an announcement page ( with full details of the KeySoft update.

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