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Braille Writer App for Mac OS

If you have one of the super-duper Macs (geek talk for MacBook Pro or Air with 10.7-Lion or greater and 64 bit processor), there are a couple of apps in the Mac store that are braille writing applications.  Both applications are for those trying to learn braille by using six-key entry on a qwerty keyboard.

The fancier one is Braille Writer Pro ($29.99). It can handle both contracted and uncontracted braille.  It can translate braille into English. Braille Writer Pro can also read and write files using the .dxb  (Duxbury) file format. You can email and/or print files either with or without translation.  There is also a dictionary that allows you to look up braille letters, numbers, symbols and contractions by using English or braille.

The student version, Braille Writer Student (10.99), does not include the translation feature but does include the dictionary.  This one is good for students learning contractions and how they are used in context.  Both are brand new (released 10.18.12) so there are no reviews yet.

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