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2013 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness: Hands Matter!

2013 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness:  Hands Matter!

Omni Austin Hotel in South Park 
February 21st - 23rd, 2013

This year our theme is "Hands Matter" and many of our sessions will focus on the importance of developing the tactile sense and hand-use in students with deafblindness.  Of course, there are many other topics in the breakout sessions including student and family issues, professional development, orientation and mobility, communication, transition, self-determination, behavioral challenges and mental health concerns, the impact of pain on functioning and orientation and mobility. 

TSBVI Outreach Programs is pleased to announce that Barbara Miles and Paul Hart will be the keynote presenters at the 2013 Texas Deafblind Symposium.  Many of you already know Barbara Miles and her valuable contributions to the field of deafblindness.  Paul Hart may be new to many of you because he is from Scotland!  Paul has collaborated with Barbara, and others, as a part of the Tactile Communication Network for Deafblind International and has worked for Sense Scotland for many years. We are very excited to hear them co-present at our general session, The Landscape of Touch, and we look forward to the opportunity of spending time with each of them during breakout sessions.  

Other international guests include Ricard Lopez, a parent from Spain, and Guido Dettoni, a sculptor who created Deafblind Shape.  Please be sure to read more about Guido on the Handsmatter tab of this website.

In addition to information from Jay Gense, Director of the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness, we will have presentations from individuals who are deafblind such as Kim Power-Smith, Divya Goel and Ashley Jackson.  We have sessions by and for family members  including presentations by Marlyn Minkin, Brownie Shott, the Daley family, and Jennifer Tumlin-Garrett. Tim Hartshorn, parent and psychologist, will share information about self-regulation and Kasee Stratton, parent and post-doctoral fellow at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and John Hopkins School of Medicine, shares information about pain and its relationship to behavior.

Family members, professionals, and paraprofessionals will also enjoy hearing from educational and rehabilitation staff who are "in the professional trenches" and can offer first-hand suggestions about programming strategies. These speakers include Adam Graves, Susan Tiggs, Robbie Blaha,  Nancy Riley and staff from Lindale ISD.  For more information on all of our speakers, sessions, special activities and other pertinent details, please browse all the tabs in this website.

Registration Fee(s):
  (Late registration begins AFTER January 21st!)

Professionals: Early - $200.00 Late - $250.00
Family Members: Early - $200.00 Late - $250.00
Paras/Interveners: Early - $25.00 Late - $75.00
University Students: Early - $25.00 Late - $75.00
Out of State: Early - $250.00 Late - $300.00 
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