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Fraud and Waste

You can report suspected waste, fraud or abuse of state resources to the Texas State Auditor’s Office or by calling 800-TX-AUDIT. TSBVI's policy on Employee Standards of Conduct.

Compact with Texans

Open government is accountable government. See your tax dollars at work in Texas. House Bill 3430 enacted by the 80th Legislature required the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to create an online state expenditure database to make state spending transparent to the public by Oct. 1, 2007. The Comptroller’s expenditure database on the Texas Transparency website is called Where the Money Goes.

Description of Services Offered at TSBVI:

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) provides, upon request of a local educational agency, a free, appropriate public education for visually impaired children and youth, including those with additional disabilities, when an educational program is needed that is appropriate to their current unique needs.

The School conducts supplemental programs, such as short-term and summer programs, based upon the recommendations from sources throughout the State regarding the nature of those programs and students to be served.

TSBVI provides statewide services to parents of students with visual impairments; school districts; regional education service centers; and other agencies including providing training; consultation and technical assistance; and develops and disseminates reference materials; including materials in the areas of curriculum, instructional methodology, and educational technology.

The School provides information related to library resources, adapted materials, current research, technology resources, and teaching, assessment, and transition of students with visual impairments.

TSBVI operates programs for lending educational and technological materials to school districts and regional education service centers.

The Outreach Program facilitates the preparation of teachers for visually impaired students by providing assistance to colleges and universities as well as alternative teacher preparation programs.

TSBVI cooperates with public and private agencies and organizations serving students and other persons with visual impairments in the planning, development, and implementation of effective educational and rehabilitative service delivery systems.

Who Are Our Customers?

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired defines its customers as Local Education Agencies (LEAs), parents and guardians, students with visual impairments, and Education Service Centers (ESCs) from throughout the state of Texas.  Each of these populations has a unique relationship with TSBVI, but, in considering our compact with our customers, we find that all groups have common rights.  To all of our customers, we pledge our services as follows:

You have the right to:

  • mutual planning with TSBVI to assure the development of programs at TSBVI that are responsive to individual student needs.
  • a clear description of services offered by TSBVI.
  • prompt response to requests for service or information:
  • timeliness in the referral process for regular year programs:
  • response to inquiry within 3 business days.
  • completed LEA application for admission to placement decision within 30 days.
  • notification regarding TSBVI decision on placement within 5 days of decision.
  • being a partner in program planning for individual students.
  • an individually designed curriculum for every student that addresses assessed needs.
  • flexibility to adjust services to meet the individual needs of all customers.
  • residential facilities for students that are safe, healthy, and home-like.
  • a well-kept, attractive and accessible campus that provides an environment that promotes learning.
  • the participation of TSBVI staff in district-led meetings to develop each student's IEP.
  • visiting TSBVI at mutually convenient times.
  • participation in all transition plans and actions.
  • assistance from TSBVI in transition back to local schools.
  • on-site technical assistance available for all visually impaired students attending local schools.
  • special short-term programs in the summer and during the academic year.
  • receive written reports of students' progress on a timely basis at the end of each reporting period.
  • receive notice of and provide written consent for evaluation of your child.
  • provide feedback and suggestions for improvement concerning the School and its services through written surveys.
  • prompt and equitable resolution of complaints in accordance with TSBVI policies.
  • prompt and thorough investigation and resolution of allegations of student abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  • an environment in which dignity is honored, diversity is celebrated, and self-esteem is strengthened.

For Information About TSBVI Programs and Services:

The School is located in central Austin at 1100 W. 45th Street.  You may contact the School by calling (512) 454-8631 or by fax at (512) 206-9450.  A toll-free number on which you may leave messages can be reached by dialing 1-800-TSB-KARE.  Individuals who are hard-of-hearing may reach the School through its TDD line at (512) 206-9451.

Information on TSBVI programs, services and staff may be found at the School's Internet Web site:

Information on referrals, admission and the School's instructional and residential programs and services may also be obtained by calling the School's Admissions Director, Catherine Olsen, at (512) 206-9182.

Information on Outreach programs throughout the State may be obtained by calling Cyral Miller, Outreach Director, at (512) 206-9242.

To Express Concerns About TSBVI Programs or Services, You May Contact TSBVI's Customer Service Representative:

Susan Houghtling
(512) 206-9233   (office)
(512) 206-9453   (fax)

You can report suspected waste, fraud or abuse of state resources to the Texas State Auditor’s Office or by calling 800-TX-AUDIT.