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If your search did not deliver the results that you were hoping for, there are a couple of things that you may do to increase the likelihood of a successful search.

  • Use the Filters
    • 'Search for: All Words' will return every location that contains all of the words in your search, in any order.
    • 'Search for: Any Words' will return every location that contains any one or more of the words in your search.
    • 'Search for: Exact Phrase' will return every occurrence of the exact search term as you entered it. (Equivalent to putting your search in quotes.)
    • Use the 'Ordering' dropdown to sort the results in various ways: Newest, Oldest, Most Popular, Alphabetical, or by Article Category.
    • 'Search Only: Tags' will return every article (page) or entry that has been 'tagged' with your search term.
    • 'Search Only: Weblinks' will return only weblinks with your search term in the title or description.
    • 'Search Only: Articles' will only return the articles (pages) that contain your search term.

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