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Osterhaus, S.A. (2001). Susan's math technology corner: Back-2-school shopping list for algebra and geometry. Division on Visual Impairments Quarterly, 47(1), 23-25.
Susan watching a group of students using math software on a computer

Math Materials

Braille Reader

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Large Print Reader

  • High Quality Large Print Textbook
  • Enlarged Materials
  • Regular Print with Magnification
  • Be Alert for Color-Keyed Graphics

Basic Tools or Technology

Braille Reader

  • Braillewriter
  • Refreshable Braille
  • Braille Paper
  • Braille Eraser
  • Abacus

Large Print Reader

  • Black Line Paper
  • Proper Writing Implement
  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop
  • Low-Vision Software


For All

Large Display

Drawing Tools

  • Adaptive Math Tools.htm
  • Drawing Board
  • Howe Press Compass
  • Straightedge
  • Tracing Wheel
  • APH Braille/Print Protractor
  • Stylus and/or Pen

Measuring Tools

Braille compass and drawing pad. Braille prodractors.

Student-Generated Graphics

Geometric Manipulatives

Math Graphics Made by Others

Computer-Generated Graphics

Susan A. Osterhaus
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
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