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Goal Two

March 26, 2001

Demonstrate The Increased Efficiency And Benefits To Braille Transcribers And Accessible Book Producers of Using Publisher Files From The Proposed Format (NISO XML format)
1. Announce in a press release the joint task force commitment and work with NISO XML. AFB, RFB&D, AAP TBD after 1/17/01  
2. Submit paper to C-Sun. Jim Allan and George Kerscher October 2000 Proposal Completed

Speech will be given 3/22/01 by Jim Allan

3. Identify publication areas - newsletters journals, etc. AAP, AFB, RFB&D February-September 2001 3/26--no additional areas
4. Identify appropriate constituents to inform and/or meet with to describe this effort - states, publishers, textbook departments through Dept. of Education and Braille-type conferences, state conferences, transcribers, other. AAP, AFB, RFB&D Ongoing Jan 17, 2001 at the AAP School Division annual meeting
5. Develop a press release about the transcription software. George Kerscher, Joe Sullivan, Robert Stepp, AFB and AAP After field testing  
6. Develop a training system, including materials, exercises and sample books. JTTF Braille Producers subgroup AFB SF advisory group to meet summer 2001 in to discuss design of training 3/26/01 meeting is being planned
7. Begin nationwide training. AFB, CTEVH, BANA, NBA Based on completion of Braille software programs with DAISY/NISO XML