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Goal One

March 26, 2001

Analyze NISO XML File Format To Determine Its Suitability For Converting Textbook Content Into Braille And Other Accessible Formats
1. Send DTD guidelines to publishers At You will find the standards work on the XML DTD we will be talking about. This is labeled 3.0, because DAISY has built specifications along these lines and these have been labeled 2.x. You can find the Structure Guidelines at: These two documents are what are needed to produce files according to the standard. Julie Copty Before Sept. 19 meeting. Completed.
2. Publishers review materials and post questions for DTD and structure guidelines Michael Moodie to log results and put into database Ongoing No questions from publishers to date
3. Publishers select textbooks (chapters) and secure files Pearce McNulty and Publishers Oct -April 2001 AND ongoing 3/26 matrix of chapters and books under development
4. Publishers identify conversion houses Publishers Send names to Julie Copty (Dec 2000) 1/17 completed.
5. Publishers send materials out for bids/approve bids Publishers Nov.- April 2001 AND ongoing 3/26-more to be identified by publishers--- Based on matrix
6. Identify delivery date for converted files Publishers Nov. - April 2001 1/17--some completion
7. Continue working with converted files from conversion vendors and explore new vendors Pearce McNulty/publishers Ongoing Underway. No additional updates 3/15/01
8. Share converted files and print copies with file review subcommittee (James Pritchett's group)--

This is a an activity that will occur for each chapter/book reviewed. # 8-11 are a continuous process until the files are correct and all appropriate checks have been conducted.

Pearce Mc Nulty--


Ongoing- 1/17 decided a matrix will be developed to identify the books/chapters needed
9. Provide feedback on correct use of markup. Send feedback to publishers and publishers will share with conversion houses.


James Pritchett will collect feedback One month after submission of files and print copies by publishers Print copies received 3/09/01
10. Publishers submit corrected files from conversion houses. To James Pritchett from publishers Ongoing  
11. Distribute corrected files to braille software developers and Digital Talking Book (DTB) producers.
James Pritchett send to Joe Sullivan, Robert Stepp and RFB&D Ongoing  
12. Braille software producers make available versions of software to subgroup Joe Sullivan and Robert Stepp April 2001  
13. DTB producers make available beta versions of recording software DAISY and RFB&D    
14. Braille producers begin testing beta software with sample files Diane Spence, Eileen Curran, Larry Schutchan, Betsy Burnham, Bob Walling, Sharon Von See, Debbie Davis,Jim Allan, and JoAnna Venneri ngoing
To begin when beta software is available
15. DTB producers test DTB production software with sample files RFB&D Ongoing
16. Braille producers provide feedback to software developers Diane Spence, Eileen Curran, Larry Schutchan, Betsy Burnham, Bob Walling, Sharon Von See, Debbie Davis, JoAnna Venneri, and Jim Allan three weeks after receipt of electronic file with accompanying print version from publishers  
17. Software developers identify source of problems---either their software or the DTBook 3 DTD Joe Sullivan and Robert Stepp Ongoing  
18. Software developers finalize software and documentation Joe Sullivan and Robert Stepp Summer 2001  
19. Begin to define national training components, including materials, exercises and sample books as it relates to Goal 2. Mary Ann Siller Advisory group to meet summer 2001