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Required Qualifications


Preferred Qualifications

  •  Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree
  • Certification from the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP)
  • Experience with school-aged children
  • Experience with children with multiple impairments
  • Experience working as part of a team

General Job Description

 Assist students with visual impairments to achieve maximum independence through instruction in safe, efficient travel within the home, school, and community.  Services also include instruction in compensatory skills including daily living skills, self-advocacy, and recreation or leisure skills as related to orientation and mobility and self-determination. Community-based instruction is assumed and is a critical component of the orientation and mobility program.

Major Responsibilities and Duties








  •  Participate in the referral and assessment process of visually impaired students
  • Conduct evaluations of the orientation and mobility needs of visually impaired students.  Areas of evaluation may include:
  • concept development:
    • spatial–positional
    • temporal
    • environmental
  • body image and movement
  • orientation to the environment
  • techniques of effective and safe travel
  • use of low-vision devices
  • sensory development
  • self-advocacy
  • personal safety
  • efficient use of vision for travel
  • Participate on the IEP committee
  • Assist in developing appropriate IEP goals and objectives
  • Recommend any modifications to program or specialized services needed based on the visual impairment
  • Develop and implement an instructional plan based on identified student needs
  • Provide direct O&M instructional services to students with visual impairments and consultation to school staff, peers, and community
  • Order, distribute, and maintain canes and low vision devices related to travel
  • Team with vision teacher and other instructional and related services personnel
  • Consult with and advise school personnel on design and provision of safe efficient environments
  • Provide direct instructional services to students with visual impairment in evaluation areas.


 Supervisor (typically Director of Special Education) will conduct the performance evaluation.  Individual(s) knowledgeable in visual impairments should complete evaluation.