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Required Qualifications

  • High school diploma
  • Knowledge of basic computer programs, such as those used for word processing
  • Excellent keyboarding skills
  • Ability to learn and demonstrate understanding of braille

General Job Description

  • Assist the VI professional(s) in the provision of brailled and other adapted materials

Major Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepare adapted materials in a timely fashion as needed by students, classroom teachers, and VI professionals
  • Provide adapted materials using a variety of techniques, including recorded texts, tactile maps, graphics, and braille
  • Work with students on braille-related activities under the direction of a VI professional
  • Operate and assist students in the operation and maintenance of specialized equipment such as braillers, keyboarding equipment, electronic scanners, and personal computers
  • Consult with classroom teachers to provide accurate and appropriate adapted materials
  • Carry out basic braille formatting for literacy, foreign language, and Nemeth code rules, except when modifications are requested by the VI teacher to accommodate braille reading ability of individual students
  • Interline student brailled materials
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and ability to produce special braille formats
  • Provide braille output with a variety of braille systems, including braille translation software or comparable electronic rapid braille-production systems, and braillewriter
  • Order and maintain inventory of equipment and VI program materials
  • Remain current in computer technology as it relates to braille production, and interfacing with the student’s braille-related assistive technology


  • Accurate and timely work to be evaluated by VI professional and special education administrator(s) in accordance with school board policy.