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Meaning Category

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Meaning Category: TIME (Background Shape: Pentagon)

Days of the week

Background Texture: Netting

Day of the WeekSymbolPicture
Monday brad Monday.jpg
Tuesday fat rubber band Tuesday.jpg
Wednesday button Wednesday.jpg
Thursday lego Thursday.jpg
Friday horizontal popsicle stick Friday.jpg
Saturday horizontal pipe cleaner Saturday.jpg
Sunday coiled rope Sunday.jpg


Background Texture: Foil with shiny side showing

January "J" made from pipe cleaner January.jpg
February heart made from pipe cleaner February.jpg
March clover shape made from pipe cleaner March.jpg
April "A" made from pipe cleaner April.jpg
May four brads in square configuration May.jpg
June circle made from pipe cleaner June.jpg
July square made from pipe cleaner July.jpg
August vertical piece of popsicle stick August.jpg
September 1 horizontal paper clip September.jpg
October "X" made from pipe cleaner October.jpg
November triangle made from pipe cleaner November.jpg
December sequins, face down, in a circle December.jpg

Miscellaneous time

Background Texture: Plain poster board

Afternoon nickel-sized circle made from 1/8" thick foam afternoon.jpg
Morning rectangle made from 1/8" thick foam  
Payday penny to left of two crossed paper clips  

Background Texture: Netting

Today ½" piece of Pencil grip glued in center today.jpg
Tomorrow ½" piece of Pencil grip, puff Paint arrow on right side --> tomorrow.jpg
Yesterday ½" piece of Pencil grip, puff Paint arrow on left side <-- yesterday.jpg

Background texture: Contact Paper

Second 1 small Bead glued in center second.jpg
Minute 2 small Beads glued in center  
Hour 3 small Beads glued in center in a vertical row hour.jpg

Meaning Category:  EVENTS (Background Shape: Rectangle)

Background Texture: Acetate (satin)

Astroworld star-shaped plastic bead with pipe cleaner circle around astroworld.jpg
Beach trip small scallop shell beach.jpg
Birthday birthday candle birthday.jpg
Camping trip tent made with braille paper camping.jpg
Carnival star-shaped plastic bead carnival.jpg
Christmas small Christmas light (old fashioned type) glued horizontally christmas.jpg
Cinco de Mayo balloon with tinsel pipe cleaner in zig-zag on it with a bean underneath cincodemayo.jpg
Community Outing rectangle piece of Lawn chair webbing with rectangle piece of Vinyl grid glued below webbing  
Concert Bell  
Easter a bunch of Easter grass with wood Bead in center  
Field Day laminated cardboard circle with 3 ribbons around it (size of a quarter, get from food blanks) fieldday.jpg
Graduation scroll of paper (use any scrap of paper) graduation.jpg
Halloween 1/8" Foam cut in jack0o-lantern shape with Stick stem, Dental Floss coming out eyes, mouth, to give feel of stringy stuff  
Mother's Day crossed ribbons (like on a present) with mini bow at intersection and "home foam" (foam peanut) to right mothersday.jpg
Music Mania 3 little Balloons glued on top of one another and a Bell glued to the left of the balloons  
Party balloon party.jpg
Period piece of sanitary napkin period.jpg
Picnic textured piece of Styrofoam plate picnic.jpg
Schlitterbahn chamois "W" with star-shaped bead in middle of it schlitterbahn.jpg
Special Olympics 5 interlocking circles from puff paint specialolympics.jpg
Thanksgiving Feather with Balloon stapled in center  
Vacation 2 Sequins with Pipe cleaner "V" below sequins  

Meaning Category: PLACES (Background: Square Needlepoint backing (vinyl grid))

School-Based Locations

Auditorium square of textured Milk jug plastic, 1 side curled under auditorium.jpg
Bathroom blank square with hole punched in top middle with yarn loop through hole bathroom.jpg
Bedroom piece of bedspread or fabric swatch bedroom.jpg
Bowling Alley Felt square with Cork circle on top  
Cafeteria X made from popsicle sticks cafeteria.jpg
Classroom rubber bands strung across square in a cross (with each teacher's name symbol) classroom.jpg
Computer Room felt square with cork circle on top computerroom.jpg
Dorm 2 3/4" ceramic tiles, one in upper left and one in lower right corner dorm.jpg
Game Room round tinker toy Game Room.jpg
Group Home straws in house top shape grouphome.jpg
Gym piece of wrist band/sock or ponytail holder gym.jpg
Health Center cotton ball health center.jpg
Kitchen piece of crinkly pie pan kitchen.jpg
LRC round spool from cassette tape lrc.jpg
Laundry Room 2 ¾" Buttons glued side by side laundryroom.jpg
Music Room jingle bell music room.jpg
Outside 2 Leaves glued diagonally with Stick in center outside.jpg
Office row of thumbtacks with point cut off office.jpg
Playground pebbles playground.jpg
Pool piece of tool pool.jpg
Recreation Building circle made from acrylic paint recreation building.jpg
School 3 1/2" vertical sandpaper strips school.jpg
Sensory Room 3 Light Brite lights in "Y" shape sensoryroom.jpg
Track shoe string track.jpg
TV Room Brad spread out into a "V" shape t.v.jpg
VATC pen cartridge Vact.jpg
Weight Room ponytail holder and nut and bolt weight room.jpg
Whirlpool smooth part of bottom of pie plate whirlpool.jpg
Work Skills Room nail and screw glued horizontally; nail on top, screw 1/2" below workskills room.jpg

Off-Campus Locations

Bakery restaurant straw glued horizontally with mini cupcake cup underneath bakery.jpg
Bank 3 pennies in glue lined rectangle bank.jpg
Beach shell beach.jpg
Bowling Alley felt strip bowling alley.jpg
Brackenridge Hospital glass medicine vial brackenridge hospital.jpg
Car Wash sponge with penny glued on top car wash.jpg
Cave pebbles in circle cave.jpg
Church church shaped building made from cedar craft shingles with a cross made of toothpicks on rooftop church.jpg
Clifton Center piece of towel with paper clips in cross on top clifton center.jpg
Ecology Action piece of plastic from liter coke bottle ecology action.jpg
Farmers Market woven Straw shape of bushel basket ½ oval with Rickrack glued across the straw farmersmarket.jpg
Fire Station match stick fire station.jpg
Garden sand in square  
Group Home Straw with bend part bent over in house top shape grouphome.jpg
HEB small, laminated, oval HEB written in Braille below Braille, Printed word in black marker heb.jpg
Highland Park Mall Mall symbol with small Pom-pom in center highland park mall.jpg
Home styrofoam pellets home.jpg
Hospital + from pipe cleaner hospital.jpg
Lake plastic bag in circle lake.jpg
Laundromat piece of towel and penny laundromat.jpg
Leander "L" made of pipe cleaner leander.jpg
Mall ric-rac in square mall.jpg
Marriott foam sponge with paper clips in cross on top marriot.jpg
Movie wrapper from Reese's cup movie.jpg
Museum doll's eye museum.jpg
Park stick park.jpg
Post Office piece of string post office.jpg
Pro. Counselor X made from acrylic paint pro.jpg
Recording for the Blind tape from inside of cassette with 2 crossed paper clips on top recording for the blind.jpg
Skating Rink 2 Pom-poms side by side skating rink.jpg
Restaurant piece of straw, horizontal restaurant.jpg
Bakery piece of straw with cookie paper underneath it bakery.jpg
Central Market plastic sample Spoon diagonally across tinsel Pipe Cleaner bordering other 2 corners centralmarket.jpg
Chicken restaurant rest. piece of straw with Q-tip underneath it chicken rest.jpg
Chinese restaurant piece of Straw with Chopstick piece underneath it  
Italian restaurant piece of Straw with Spaghetti underneath it  
McDonald's piece of straw with "M" made from foam underneath it mcdonald's.jpg
Taco restaurant piece of straw with shiny pipe cleaner in a circle underneath it taco rest.jpg
Roffler's small plastic hair curler  
Store plastic grocery bag store.jpg
Book store miniature Book with Garbage bag glued below it bookstore.jpg
Drug store plastic grocery bag + toothpaste cap below it drugstore.jpg
Fish store plastic grocery bag + fish made from puff paint below fishstore.jpg
Grocery store plastic grocery bag + piece of bread bag with twistie wrapped around it under it grocerystore.jpg
Music store plastic grocery bag with bell inside musicstore.jpg
Pet store plastic grocery bag + rawhide animal treat below it petstore.jpg
Plant store plastic grocery bag + seed below it plantstore.jpg
Toy store plastic grocery bag + lego below it toystore.jpg
Texas Dept. of Health Foam in shape of Texas with cotton on top  
Texas State Library microcassette TXstatelibrary.jpg
U.T. Track piece of shoestring glued on top of chair webbing UTtrack.jpg
Video Arcade diagonal ric-rac (top left to bottom right) with penny in middle videoarcade.jpg
Zilker Park pipe cleaner "Z" over stick zilkerpark.jpg
Zoo plastic animal zoo.jpg

Meaning Category:  PEOPLE (Background Shape: Circle)

Background Texture: Bumpy vinyl wallpaper-type covering

Residential Specialist individualized ri.jpg
School Doctor 1/2 of a Q-tip school doctor.jpg
School Nurse Medicine cup on its side school nurse.jpg
Support Staff individualized support_staff.jpg
Teacher individualized teacher.jpg
Teacher's Assistant individualized ta.jpg
Teacher (generic) Book glued in center – book made from tiny yellow sticky Pads  
Class "C" shape ring from plastic Chain  
Attendant Bull dog clip  
Audiologist glue coil audiologist.jpg
Boss blue "B" boss.jpg
Bus Driver steering wheel shape made of glue bus driver.jpg
Dentist Toothbrush  
Doctor piece of rubber glove doctor.jpg
Ear Doctor backwards question-mark made of glue ear doctor.jpg
Eye Doctor eye shape made of glue eye doctor.jpg
Farmer square of Jean fabric with metal Button cover on top  
Fire Fighter circular slice of hose (garden hose/rubber tubing) fire fighter.jpg
Job boss Shoestring piece in open loop (like apron)  
Mailman Foam square cut with pinking shears  
Office Worker circle made of thumbtacks with points cut off office worker.jpg
Plant Worker plastic leaf or plastic flowers plant worker.jpg
Police badge shape made of glue police.jpg
Store Worker glue "S" store worker.jpg
Trash Collector Plastic square (clear)  

Meaning Category:  EMOTIONS (Background Shape: Heart)

Background Texture: Plain poster board

Anxious "S' hook on its side anxious.jpg
Excited 4 pieces of ribbon curled with scissors excited.jpg
Frustrated knot made from nylon string/rope frustrated.jpg
Gentle feather with pom pom glued on top gentle.jpg
Happy smile made from nylon string happy.jpg
Hurt vertical matchstick hurt.jpg
Love heart made from nylon string love.jpg
Mad vertical row of knots made from nylon string mad.jpg
Patient flower bead or silk flower patient.jpg
Sad/Depressed frown made from nylon rope/string (upside down smile) saddepressed.jpg
Sick vertical piece of nylon rope/string with a glue dot on top sick.jpg
Tired arrow made from nylon rope pointing down tired.jpg

Meaning Category:  NON-FOOD OBJECTS (Background Shape: Oblong)

Background Texture: Plain poster board


Clothing ArticleSymbolPicture
Boots leather shoe string tied in a knot boots.jpg
Bra hook from a hook and eye bra.jpg
Coat rectangular piece of wool or felt, 1" x 2" piece Men's underwear piece of elastic coat.jpg
Pants hem piece from old blue jeans pants.jpg
Panties piece of old panties with elastic and nylon panties.jpg
Shirt 3 buttons glued in a vertical row on piece of fabric shirt.jpg
Shoes shoe string in a cross (let ends dangle to avoid confusion with cafeteria) shoes.jpg
Socks toe of sock socks.jpg
Sweater piece of sweater sweater.jpg

Cooking Appliances/Materials/Utensils

Cooking Appliances/
Blender 3 holes punched in a horizontal row blender.jpg
Bowl styrofoam half-circle bowl.jpg
Cup end of eraser cup.jpg
Fork plastic fork prongs fork.jpg
Grater screen glued on card grater.jpg
Juice machine holes punched around outside of oval juice.jpg
Knife piece of plastic knife knife.jpg
Microwave square of hard plastic with small fuzzy piece of velcro in middle microwave.jpg
Oven vertical stripes across oval made with acrylic paint oven.jpg
Pan pan made with acrylic paint pan.jpg
Pitcher top of film canister pitcher.jpg
Plate 1 1/4" circle cut from styrofoam plate plate.jpg
Refrigerator strips of strawberry basket glued in vertical stripes refrigerator.jpg
Spoon piece of plastic spoon spoon.jpg

Hygiene Supplies

Hygiene SuppliesSymbolPicture
Brush/Comb vertical strip of sandpaper with fringe cut on right side brush.jpg
Deodorant top of bottled deodorant deodorant.jpg
Hearing aid batteries batteries  
Shampoo bottle top shampoo.jpg
Soap piece of soap box soap.jpg
Toothbrush end of toothbrush toothbrush.jpg
Toothpaste top from container toothpaste.jpg


Bike jumbo paper clip bent like handle bars bicycle.jpg
Boat paper triangle boat.jpg
Bus bubble plastic bus.jpg
Plane miniature airplane plane.jpg
Tractor plastic wheel tractor.jpg
Van/Car piece of lawn chair webbing van_car.jpg

Recreational Objects

Recreational ObjectsSymbolPicture
Book/Journal miniature book or book made from tiny yellow sticky pad book.jpg
Computer cork disc glued on felt square computer.jpg
Game flat marble game.jpg
Connect 4 checker with marble glued on top of it connect_four.jpg
Movement game flat marble + piece of tinsel garland glued below it movement_game.jpg
Outdoor game flat marble + golf tee glued below marble outdoor_game.jpg
Table game flat marble + domino glued below marble table_game.jpg
Video game flat marble w/ cork disc glued on top of felt square below it video_game.jpg
Foot massage machine 3/4" bottle top from beer or coke bottle with serrated edges side up foot_massage.jpg
Hammock 1 inch piece of 3/4" thick rope hammock.jpg
Hamster food circle of hamster food hamster_food.jpg
Hamster litter circle of hamster litter hamster_litter.jpg
Headphones piece of phone cord with foam wedge on end headphones.jpg
Keyboard row of pieces of 1" pieces of popsicle sticks keyboard.jpg
Lotion top from milk jug with top side glued down lotion.jpg
Merry-go-round plastic monkey (from "Barrel of Monkeys") merrygoround.jpg
Moonwalk padded vinyl rectangle (from "Good Books") moonwalk.jpg
Pegboard peg pegboard.jpg
Piano metal fastener glued horizontally  
Plant pinto beans plant_gardening.jpg
Powder top from milk jug with hole punched in it powder.jpg
Skates circle of 1/2" pom-poms skate.jpg
Slide ladder made of toothpicks slide.jpg
Swing piece of chain swing.jpg
Tape Recorder 4 one inch pieces of pipe cleaner glued vertically tape recorder.jpg
Trampoline pen spring glued vertically trampoline.jpg
Treadmill piece of rubber from handgrip, cut in half horizontally treadmill.jpg
Vibrator fake fur cut in a "V" shape vibrator.jpg
Yo-yo string with flat marble on it yo-yo.jpg


Meaning Category:  FOOD

Backing Shape: Oval
Background Texture: Laminated


Chocolate milk lid from Nestle Quik powder chocolate milk.jpg
Coffee coffee grounds glued to cardboard coffee.jpg
Coke coke tab coke.jpg
Dr. Pepper 2 coke tabs dr. pepper.jpg
Root beer 3 coke tabs with the third glued horizontally between the other two root beer.jpg
Iced tea tea bag string with tag iced tea.jpg
Juice plastic strip from juice can juice.jpg
Kool-aid top strip of kool-aid package kool-aid.jpg
Milk top of milk carton like a tent milk.jpg
Water "W" cut from fake chamois cloth water.jpg


Candy foam pellet wrapped in candy wrapper candy.jpg
Cookies plastic end with metal tie of an instant cookie dough wrapper cookies.jpg
Cupcake 1 1/2" of cupcake holder cupcake.jpg
Donut 1 1/2" circle of felt with hole in the middle  
Ice cream wooden spoon ice_cream.jpg
Pudding piece of foil top from individual pudding container with pull tab up pudding.jpg
Yogurt pie shaped piece cut from yogurt lid yogurt.jpg


Apple large 1/2" sequin apple.jpg
Banana curved row of small sequins banana.jpg
Generic fruit curved row of 7 small, round beads with 2 large sequins below them generic fruit.jpg
Orange circle of 8 1/4" beads orange.jpg

Meats and Protein

Meats and Protiens
Meats and ProteinSymbolPicture
Bacon 2 wavy lines made with puff paint bacon.jpg
Cheese plastic milk jug square cheese.jpg
Chicken q-tip end chicken.jpg
Chicken Nuggets 4 q-tip ends, with sticks removed, in a circle up, down, up, down, side by side chicken nuggets.jpg
Eggs glue glob eggs.jpg
Fish Jesus fish symbol made with puff paint fish.jpg
Hamburger button hamburger.jpg
Hot dog tiny safety pin hot dog.jpg
Meat circle made of leather meat.jpg
Sausage 3 penny-sized circles of leather, side by side sausage.jpg


Butter cardboard butter pat square from cafeteria butter.jpg
Jelly restaurant jelly container upside down jelly.jpg
Ketchup horizontal row of 4 cork dots with acrylic paint cross on each ketchup.jpg
Mayonnaise horizontal row of 4 cork dots mayonaise.jpg
Mustard horizontal row of 4 cork dots with acrylic paint dot on each mustard.jpg
Peanut butter "P" made of foam plate peanut butter.jpg
Syrup top of pop-up syrup container syrup.jpg



Bread twist tie bread.jpg
Cereal- cold box top with tab and wax bag glued above it cereal- cold.jpg
Cereal- hot oatmeal glued on card cereal-hot.jpg
Chips rectangular foam strip chips.jpg
Corn piece of popcorn corn.jpg
French fries corrugated cardboard strip french fries.jpg
French toast egg symbol (glue circle) with bread twist tie under it french toast.jpg
Generic grain 2 oblong beads in wide "V" shape with oatmeal below it generic-grain.jpg
Macaroni and cheese macaroni noodle with milk jug square (cheese symbol) below it macaroni and cheese.jpg
Noodles a macaroni noodle noodles.jpg
Pancakes circle of felt pancakes.jpg
Popcorn five pieces of uncooked popcorn glued in domino "5" configuration popcorn.jpg
Potato oval shape made from soft part of velcro potato.jpg
Hash browns rectangle made of 3 horizontal strips and 3 vertical strips from soft part of velcro hash browns.jpg
Mashed potatoes ric-rac shape cut from soft part of velcro mashed potatoes.jpg
Tater-tots 3 tiny ovals cut from hard part of velcro tater-tots.jpg
Spaghetti 7 one inch pieces of spaghetti glued vertically spaghetti.jpg
Waffles strawberry basket piece waffles.jpg



Broccoli vegetable symbol with clump of plastic Easter grass glued in middle broccoli.jpg
Carrots vegetable symbol with felt disc glued in middle carrots.jpg
Coleslaw red crinkly ribbon glued on top of vegetable symbol coleslaw.jpg
Green beans vegetable symbol with horizontal sandpaper strip glued on top of it green_beans.jpg
Salad vegetable symbol with Easter grass glued on top of plastic, horizontal sandpaper strip at right hand corner diagonally, and a felt disc glued at bottom left hand corner salad.jpg
Vegetable square from textured part of clear, corrugated plastic salad plate used at salad bars (leave lip up) (*filed under "salad bar plastic") vegetable.jpg


Miscellaneous Foods
Casserole beans and rice glued randomly on card casserole.jpg
Enchiladas zig-zag of tinsel pipe cleaner enchiladas.jpg
Pizza circle of poster board cut with one triangular piece missing pizza.jpg
Sandwich 2 twist ties/bread ties glued vertically with circle made from leather in between them sandwich.jpg
Sausage and Biscuits leather circle with twist tie glued on top sausage and biscuits.jpg
Snack vertical row of staples, stapled vertically (protect back with glue) snack.jpg
Tacos coil of tinsel pipe cleaner tacos.jpg


Breakfast large "B" made with hot glue gun breakfast.jpg
Dinner large "D" made with hot glue gun dinner.jpg
Lunch large "L" made with hot glue gun lunch.jpg

Meaning Category:  ACTIONS

Backing Shape: Triangle
Background Texture: Felt

Art piece of crayon art.jpg
Baseball large baseball shape made with hot glue gun baseball.jpg
Basketball ball 1" in diameter glued in the middle of the triangle basketball.jpg
Bathe soap sliver bathe.jpg
Break/Crack large egg shape made from cardboard cracked down the middle with cracked, jagged edges break_crack.jpg
Buy plastic grocery bag with penny in the middle buy.jpg
Carry 2 ceramic tiles glued on top of one another, bottom tile is a 3/4" square tile and the top one is a 3/8" square tile carry.jpg
Chew class triangle of bumpy vinyl wall covering with 3 popcorn seeds underneath chew class.jpg
Choose pipe cleaner "O" and "X" with glue line down the middle choose.jpg
Clean room 1" square of material with 1/4" x 3/4" piece of sponge glued on top of it clean room.jpg
Cook "C" made from glue cook.jpg
Cut blade end of plastic knife cut.jpg
Dance bow made from ribbon dance.jpg
Drink upside down cork "T" drink.jpg
Eat piece of plastic spoon glued upside down eat.jpg
Exercise piece of tinsel garland exercise.jpg
Fire drill 2 matches spaced 1/2" apart fire drill.jpg
Fishing split shot on end of fishing line attached to tiny stick fishing.jpg
Get dressed square piece of plastic mesh, 1/2" x 1" get dressed.jpg
Grooming fingernail file grooming.jpg
Horseplay small plastic horse horse play.jpg
Jump clothespin jump.jpg
Language Arts one inch square of cedar craft shingle with fancy circular plastic disk (tracer) glued on top language arts.jpg
Laundry 2 buttons in horizontal row laundry room.jpg
Listen to music jingle bell listen to music.jpg
Listen to radio small, round, silver, symbol-like piece listen to radio.jpg
Make 2 one inch square cedar craft shingles, stacked and glued together make.jpg
Massage bulldog clip and domino massage.jpg
Masturbate fake fur masturbate.jpg
Math an equal sign made of 2 horizontal glue gun lines, 1" long math.jpg
Measure a third of a medicine cup (side and bottom) with curved side glued down measure.jpg
Meeting triangle piece of plastic mesh meeting.jpg
Movement Class bow made from ribbon with a marble glued in middle movement class.jpg
Open hole punched in middle of triangle


Orientation and Mobility piece of PVC pipe glued horizontally orientation and mobility.jpg
Phone calling coiled piece of telephone cord phone calling.jpg
Plant/Gardening seed plant_gardening.jpg
Play game marker play.jpg
Pour corrugated plastic tubing pour.jpg
Push circular wooden bead, 1/2" in diameter push.jpg
Read miniature book or book made from tiny yellow sticky pad read.jpg
Relax sheepskin piece relax.jpg
Ride rubber strip from fat rubber band ride.jpg
Run shoe string in circle run.jpg
Sack lunch little lunch sack made from a paper bag with top folded over sack lunch.jpg
Science activity textured craft stick, similar to a popsicle stick, glued horizontally science activity.jpg
Set table 1" round piece of styrofoam (plate) with bottom half of eraser (cup) glued above and to the right of the plate settable.jpg
Shave head of disposable razor without blade shave.jpg
Shower shampoo top shower.jpg
Skate 1 pom pom skate.jpg
Snack vertical row of staples, stapled vertically (protect back with glue) snack.jpg
Soccer round foam circle soccer.jpg
Start 1/2" wooden bead with horizontal glue line above it start.jpg
Stir 1 1/2" piece of straw with bottom half cut open and shaped to look like a spoon (shaped like a slurpee straw) stir.jpg
Swim triangle cut out of towel swim.jpg
Swing chain, glued vertically swing.jpg
Talk time/Conversation fancy circular plastic disc (tracer) glued on top of plastic mesh triangle conversation.jpg
Tennis 1 1/4" round piece of mesh with 1/2" plastic bead glued on top of it tennis.jpg
Vacuum ink cartridge of a ballpoint pen bent to resemble a stand-up vacuum cleaner, glue used to accentuate the parts of the vacuum cleaner (wheels, bag, handle) vacuum.jpg
Walk poster board triangle walk.jpg
Wash/Clean slice of sponge wash.jpg
Wash dishes piece of plastic spoon glued with bowl side up with piece of sponge glued inside it washdishes.jpg
Work an "X" made from 2 linked paper clips work.jpg
Can crushing 2 linked paper clips above a piece of crushed can cancrushing.jpg
Coke job 2 linked paper clips above a coke tab coke_job.jpg
Mail job 2 linked paper clips over a piece of envelope with sticky piece free mailjob.jpg
Newspaper job 2 linked paper clips above roll of newspaper newspaperjob.jpg
Plant job 2 linked paper clips above a bean glued on card plant_job.jpg
Plastic sorting 2 linked paper clips over a piece of plastic from milk container plasticsorting.jpg
Recycling 2 linked paper clips above a piece of plastic from a liter coke bottle recycling.jpg
Sort silverware 2 linked paper clips above a plastic fork piece, prongs down sortsilverware.jpg
Tape job 2 linked paper clips over a piece of audio tape stapled to a card tape_job.jpg
Towel folding 2 linked paper clips glued over a piece of towel towelfolding.jpg
Trash dumping 2 linked paper clips over trash bag piece trashdumping.jpg

Meaning Category:  MISC./FUNCTOR WORDS

Backing Shape: Trapezoid
Background Texture: Lined braille paper

Canceled large "X" made of glue cancelled.jpg
Finished plain poster board with bottom fringed finished.jpg
Goodbye two vertical leather strips glued far apart goodbye.jpg
Help full braille cell Help.jpg
Hi two vertical leather strips glued close together


More black binder clip clipped to top of symbol more.jpg
No "X" made of pipe cleaner, very small as in "choose" symbol no.jpg
Yes "O" made of pipe cleaner yes.jpg

Backing Shape: Green diamond
Background Texture: Plain poster board

Left Puff paint "L" on left side of diamond with an arrow pointing toward it {L<-} left.jpg
Right Puff paint "R" on right side of diamond with an arrow pointing toward it {->R} right.jpg

Meaning Category:  GYM SYMBOLS

Backing Shape: White oblong
Background Texture: Plain poster board

Gym Symbols
GYM SYMBOLSSymbolPicture
Aerobics Wooden heart aerobics.jpg
Balance Beam 1" wooden ruler balancebeam.jpg
Ball Piece of red kickball ball.jpg
Barrel Film canister barrel.jpg
Bicycle Large paper clip twisted into handlebar shape bicycle.jpg
Bicycle helmet Half bubble ball, open side down bicyclehelmet.jpg
Bolster/Mat Ceramic disc on vertical vinyl cloth bolster_mat.jpg
Bricks Corrugated backside of piece of ceramic tile bricks.jpg
Bubble ball pit Two bubble balls side by side bubbleballpit.jpg
Canvas hammock Large nylon rope, horizontal hammock.jpg
Climbing rope Tic-tac-toe symbol made of yarn climbingrope.jpg
Colored mat ric rac glued next to each other, horizontally coloredmat.jpg
Elastic exerciser Pipe cleaner in a handle shape elasticexerciser.jpg
Flatbed swing Chain link, vertical on carpet rectangle flatbedswing.jpg
Goal mouth (basketball) Goal made with pipe cleaner and netting with flat marble above it basketball.jpg
Moonwalk Square of vinyl cloth moonwalk.jpg
Music Cassette case music.jpg
Pogo stick 1" piece of pvc pipe glued vertically pogoswing.jpg
Rocker boat Wooden spool glued horizontally rockerboat.jpg
Roller skates Five pompoms glued in a circle roller_skates.jpg
Scooterboard Toy wheel scooterboard.jpg
Sit-up table 2" white triangular sponge glued horizontally so it's at an angle on the background sit-uptable.jpg
Smooth bolster Square piece of rubber glove or balloon smoothbolster.jpg
Softball Wooden toy bat with flat marble above it softball.jpg
Spinning swing Large nylon rope glued horizontally spinningswing.jpg
Stairs 3 pieces of popsicle sticks in ascending lengths glued on top of each other like stairs stairs.jpg
Swedish ladder 2" long varnished wooden bead glued horizontally swedishladder.jpg
Trampoline Pen spring glued vertically trampoline.jpg
Trapeze Circle of yarn with small piece of a straw around it at the bottom trapese.gif
Tunnel 2" tunnel shape made of chamois cloth tunnel.jpg
Twirler Pipe cleaner around a piece of tubing from flowers twirler.jpg
Vaulting box 1 1/2" styrofoam cube glued horizontally vaultingbox.jpg
Wrist weights Two flat marbles wrapped in vinyl cloth wristweights.jpg