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ESE summer page image2Students in this program practice and apply skills they have learned at home and at school within the context of fun activities. In past summers, students have enjoyed activities such as robot art, buoyant boats, building a pirate ship, and fingerprint balloon pictures. Each class is built around a high-interest theme, such as “Project STEM,” “Lost in Space!,” “Time Travelers,” “Cook & Create,” and “Nature Detectives.”

Students have opportunities to practice Expanded Core Curriculum skills as they make and follow schedules, organize materials, measure ingredients, write notes and lists, and communicate with others. An invaluable part of the program is the opportunity to interact with other students with visual impairments. Sharing experiences about the challenges they face at home and school can alleviate feelings of isolation and increase confidence. During Elementary Summer Enrichment, students often begin early friendships that continue for years.


One week sessions: June 7-12 and June 14-19 (ages 6-12)

This year’s one-week elementary program offers classes for students who are functioning on or close to grade level. Students who are functioning 2-3 years below grade level, but whose social and independent living skills allow them to fully participate in class activities with their same age peers, may also apply. Students will be grouped into small classes with peers who are functioning at a similar level of ability. These classes are appropriate for students who:

  • Are largely independent in their dressing, eating, toileting, and hygiene abilities,
  • Do not have behaviors that interfere with instruction of self or others, and
  •  Are able to complete the full one-week program. If you know that your student cannot stay for the complete program, please discuss this with the program coordinator listed below or describe your situation in the Additional Information section of the application. 


Students who do not meet these criteria should apply for Practical Experiences in Expanded Core (PEEC) rather than the Elementary Summer Enrichment Programs.


For information about program content, contact the ESE Coordinator:
John Rose (512) 206-9131 .

For information about the application process, contact:

The Short-Term Programs administrative team: Nichelle White (512) 206-9332, Phoebe Williams (512) 206-9241 or .

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