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For students in Middle School during the academic year 2016-2017

Summer students wrestling in the gymJune 11 - 16

This class is designed for Middle School students who wish to learn about one of the few sports where athletes who are blind or visually impaired can compete against sighted individuals. Introduced last summer, this class produced "rave reviews."

Wrestling in Texas High Schools is growing more popular every year. In this class, students will begin learning the rules of the sport, how to use wresting and weight training equipment, and some basic wrestling moves, all in a non-competitive environment. They will gain in strength, flexibility, and cardio training.

Students will also learn what it is to be part of team and how to support and encourage one another, how to receive feedback, and how to respond to challenges.

We encourage both boys and girls to apply. Students must have a physical exam and a doctor’s clearance to participate, because wrestling is a sport in which impacts can occur. However, this class will focus on learning basic, necessary skills, but no competitive wrestling will be held.

This class is taught by TSBVI’s wrestling coach, who also has 16 years of experience in our Career Education department. He loves this sport and it eager to share it with our summer students.

Parents might like to see this video about a 13-year-old blind wrestler in Pennsylvania.


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