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For students in grades 8–12 in the 2017 - 2018 school year

June 17 - 28

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"Living on their own" is an important part of many students' futures--yet they often have very few opportunities to learn and practice the skills of daily living that will be so important to their success!

Taste of Independence is a two-week class in which students will explore a wide range of skills that will help them live independently! Here are examples of activities from past summers:

  • Visit and compare a college dormitory and an apartment building.
  • Plan, shop for, and prepare healthy meals.
  • Learn the basics of housekeeping 
  • Visit a bank to learn about checking accounts and bank cards
  • Manage your own money while shopping

Learning skills like these is much more fun when you do it with peers! This class gives students opportunities to discover their strengths and develop a personal plan for further progress! Infused throughout the class is the need for critical thinking and problem-solving unfamiliar situations in the community and at home.

This class is taught by a highly experienced TSBVI teacher who specializes in working with young adults in independent living and career exploration.  


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For information about program content, contact:

  • Margaret Edwards (512) 206-9476  
  • Amanda Fierro (512) 206-9294 

For information about the application process, contact:
Short-Term Programs administrative team - Nichelle White (512) 206-9332, Phoebe Williams (512) 206-9241 or