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For students in grades 7–12 in the 2017-2018 school year

June 17 - 28

Papermache fish

Everyone enjoys expressing themselves! With so many art forms available, students in this class can explore many different media and discover their favorites. Activities vary each summer, but students may sculpt, create art with food, assemble collages, explore fiber art, and more. They will create several of their own pieces. The class will also visit sites in Austin where they can learn about and enjoy art. 

All of the art media explored in this class will be accessible, often in a variety of ways! Come and have fun with new ways of expression!

In addition, students will learn and practice skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum for students with visual impairments. 

Students will showcase their artwork at the Reception in the TSBVI Cafeteria on closing day. Come and see the amazing results of their week together!

Previous experience in the arts is not required.

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