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For students in grades 9 - 12 during the 2016-2017 school year

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 Two week program in June

This year is the year to transition to UEB! In this innovative two-week class, students who currently read and write braille will make the transition to the Unified English Braille Code, while exploring the world of 3-D printing through the Maker Movement.

Students are encouraged to bring and use their personal technology devices. They will explore many options made possible by these devices, and will be introduced to devices and concepts that can support a greater degree of independence.

Students will also have hands-on experience with 3-D printing! They will learn about the Maker Movement, and "the sky's the limit" on what they might create!

This class is taught by a UEB certified Library of Congress transcriber with a Master's in Education, who has extensive experience teaching braille reading and writing.

Please note: This class is not an introduction to braille; applicants must currently be competent in reading and writing braille and only need to transition to UEB.

Sample of items made with a 3D printer
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For information about program content, contact:

  • Nina Wibbenmeyer (512) 206-9361  
  • Margaret Edwards (512) 206-9476 

For information about the application process, contact:
Short-Term Programs administrative team - Wendy Erickson 512-206-9332, Phoebe Williams 512-206-9241 or