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For students in grades 9-12  who are eligible for High School PE Credit

 June 7- June 26

PEThis is a three-week Physical Education class that is uniquely adapted for full participation by students who are visually impaired and functioning on grade-level. Students in this class can earn 0.5 high school credit to help fulfill their graduation plan.  

Physical Education for Credit will focus on activities like bowling, strength training and cardiovascular fitness,while providing students the opportunity to explore adapted sports such as beep baseball and goal ball. Students will learn skills and concepts related to body and spatial awareness, teamwork and competition, the language and rules of many different sports, and strategies for participation in recreational community activities.

Students will develop skills in a variety of activities that promote health-related fitness. A major expectation of the course is for the student to design a personal fitness program that incorporates knowledge and skills gained through attending the program.

All the TEKS for the P.E. for Credit course will be taught, and students will be required to demonstrate a level of mastery in order to receive credit toward graduation. Districts will be sent a final report and grade, and successful completion will be demonstrated on the TSBVI Academic Achievement Record.

PE 2


Because this is a credit class, please note:

  1. Students MUST participate for the full three weeks to earn credit. No exceptions will be made.
  2. Students applying to Physical Education for Credit must have the physical ability to participate in these activities and be capable of tolerating outdoor activities in the summer heat in central Texas.
  3. Students should bring swimsuits, swim goggles if desired, closed-toe athletic shoes, hats, sunglasses if needed, a water bottle, and a small backpack. THESE ITEMS ARE NECESSITIES; PLEASE BE PREPARED.
  4. We urge interested parents and/or teachers to check with their local school district in advance to get clear answers to the questions below. This may be something new for your district, and schools may approach this differently. 
    1. Will your district accept a TSBVI P.E. Credit -approved course for graduation credit? You might remind the district that students who attend TSBVI for a year or more of high school often transfer back to their districts and graduate with many credits earned at TSBVI.
    2. Will your district accept this credit if your student has not yet completed the suggested (not required) prerequisite course, "Foundations of Personal Fitness"? (If your student has completed Foundations of Personal fitness, this is not a concern.)


For information about program content, contact our Short-Term Programs principal

Sara Merritt (512) 206-9176 .

For information about the application process, contact:

The Short-Term Programs administrative team - Nichelle White (512) 206-9332, Phoebe Williams (512) 206-9241 or .

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