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For students in grades 8 – 12 during the 2017-2018 school year

June 10 - 15 or June 17 - 28

Students taking the Austin Metro bus

This class is designed for older secondary students who are looking forward to living independently, while attending college or going to work. These students will benefit from having a good foundation in a broad range of skills related to traveling in the community.

In Getting There, students will explore ways to travel to places in the community more safely and independently, including walking or taking a bus, taxi, or metrorail. Students plan trips, use mass transit scheduling information, solve problems, seek assistance, and travel daily throughout the Austin area. They also learn to negotiate local businesses such as a grocery store and a mall. Students are supervised and supported by a Certified O&M Specialist.

Students will use technology devices and internet-based programs to find information about community resources, and to access schedules for public transportation to plan their travel in the community.

In these and other shared experiences with peers, students will discover their strengths and develop a personal plan to remediate areas where additional skills are needed.

Note: Students must have adequate physical stamina to walk at a typical pace for at least half a mile, and must be capable of tolerating outdoor activities in the central Texas summer heat. Students must bring closed-toe walking shoes, hats, sunglasses if needed, a water bottle, and a small backpack.

Students navigation lights at a cross walk near TSBVI



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For information about program content, contact:

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