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Enjoying the zip line at Candlelight Ranch

Photo of student riding on a zip line over a canyon.

Learning to canoe on Lady Bird Lake

Photo of two students in a canoe with a teacher (one student is happy, the other looks a little unsure)

Setting up shelter at McKinney Falls

Photo of four students trying to figure out how to set up a tent

Learning how to navigate Austin using the light rail

Photo of two students preparing to board the capital metro train in Austin, TX

Learning how to use important technology tools

Photo of a student learning to use a bluetooth refreshable braille display

Summer Programs (June - July) include a variety of enrichment classes for VI students of all ability levels.

The Summer Programs' schedule changes each year and this year we are happy to announce that we will have the opportunity to serve  more students than last summer. Our goal to serve VI students from across the state remains our primary focus, but in particular, we will prioritize students who have not had the opportunity to attend a TSBVI program. Please review the dates for the various summer offerings at the links below. Please contact Short-Term Programs Principal Sara Merritt at 512-206-9176 or  if you have any questions or concerns regarding this year’s changes.

The deadline for Summer Program applications is February 14th and should be submitted by the local TVI as early as possible. Please refer to the current summer programs descriptions for details or contact the Summer Programs Administration Team at  or Phoebe Williams at 512-206-9241, Nichelle White 512-206-9332.

 Application for 2020 Summer Programs  (Open January 6, 2020 - February 14, 2020)

  • Elementary Summer Enrichment (ages 6-12): Students who are on or close to grade level. This one-week program is offered two times, June 7th-June 12th and June 14th-June 19th.
  • Secondary Enrichment (ages 12-22): Students who are enrolled in middle or high school during this academic year. For students who are on or up to three years below grade level, interact independently with their grade-level peers, and have highly developed daily living skills. There is one three-week credit PE class offered for 12 students from June 7th-June 26th. We will offer SE classes for two additional weeks, from June 21st-June 26th and June 28th-July 3rd.
  • Physical Education for High School Credit (grades 9-12): This is a three-week Physical Education class offered June 7th-June 26th, which is uniquely adapted for full participation by students who are visually impaired and functioning on grade-level. Students in this class can earn 0.5 high school credit to help fulfill their graduation plan. 
  • Practical Experiences in Expanded Core (PEEC) (ages 6-22): Students who currently receive some or all instruction in an alternative academic setting, benefit from supports with communication, social, and independent living skills, can participate safely in small group activities with moderate support, and are able to be away from home for 1 week. The one-week program choices for elementary students are June 7th-June 12th or June 14th-June 19th. The one-week program choices for secondary students are June 14th-June 19th or June 21st-June 26th. 
  • Summer Work Experience in Austin Texas (SWEAT) (ages 17-22): Work program for students who are on or close to grade level. The program is June 7th-July 3rd. In order to determine learning goals for SWEAT, students are required to participate in Pre-SWEAT (April 3-5, 2020.)
  • Working And Living In The Community (WALIC) (ages 16-22): Work program for students functioning about 3 or more years below grade level. The program is June 7th-July 3rd.



# Students

SWEAT (ages 17-22) June 7th - July 3rd 12-15
WALIC (ages 16-22) June 7th - July 3rd 12-15
 CREDIT PE (grades 9-12) June 7th - June 26th 12
SE (ages 12-22) June 21st - 26th, June 28th - July 3rd 96
ESE (ages 6-12) June 7th - June 12th, June 14th - June 19th 80
PEEC (ages 6-12) June 7th - June 12th 20
PEEC (ages 6-22) June 14th - June 19th 20
PEEC (ages 12-22) June 21st - June 26th 20
  Total Number of Students 272-278

  Summer 2020 Application  (Open January 6, 2020 - February 14, 2020)

For information about the application process, contact: Phoebe Williams 512-206-9241, Nichelle White 512-206-9332 or

  • The application period is January 6 – February 14, 2020. The Summer Program application site closes on February 14, 2020.
  • Applications should be completed by the student’s Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI). Summer programs do not require an ARD or district referral.
  • Parents are responsible for transportation to and from summer programs.
  • Parents are responsible for personal spending money for their student, the amount for each program will be listed in the acceptance letter but averages $20 per week.
  • There are no costs to the school district.
  • The Medical Dietary form is part of the online application.  If you are a parent and you wish to download the PDF version of the form, use the following link: Medical Dietary Form (English)  Medical Dietary Form (Spanish) Once you complete the form return it to your student's TVI so that they may complete the application process.
  • If you are having trouble filling out the application or logging in, please look at our new section: Summer & Short-Term Programs Wiki Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Permission Forms and Documents for Summer

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