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Scott Baltisberger, Education Specialist TSBVI Outreach, with photos by Kristine Seljenes, Adaptive PE, TSBVI Comprehensive Programs

Dragon Boat team logo; a Wildcat and the words TSBVI Dragonboat  Dragon Boat team in 'paddles up' position to start the race.
TSBVI’s Dragon Boat team logo (left) and TSBVI’s Dragon Boat Team in “Paddles up" position - Ready to begin racing! (right)

Keywords: Dragon Boat Festival, Team Sports, Community, Race, TSBVI, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

On April 30th the TSBVI Wildcats dragon boat team took first place in Division C of the community/corporate category at the 20th annual Austin Dragon Boat Festival, racing in three 300 meter races to capture the title. This victory was the result of regular twice-monthly training sessions which began in September of 2017, during which team members learned independent skills and aspects of teamwork that resulted in their triumph. In this endeavor, they were supported and coached by both school, residential and recreational staff as well as community volunteers.

Team members lining up to board the boat.Team members in the boat getting ready to launch.
Team members lining up to board the boat (left) and team members in the boat, ready to launch for our first race of the day (right).

Dragon boat racing is a 2000-year old sport that is currently having a world-wide surge in popularity. TSBVI’s participation in the Austin race was a chance not only for us to mingle with the crowd and take part in the thrill of competition but also for the public at large to experience first-hand the ability, drive and goodwill of our students. Maintaining an active and engaged lifestyle can have many benefits, including physical fitness, engagement with the community and stress management and we look forward to providing another group with this opportunity during the next school year!

Dragon Boat team photo
TSBVI’s Dragon Boat Team with banner.

Gold! The Wildcats took first place in Division C.