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On-Site Recreation

At TSBVI students have a variety of recreational activities available. Among these are:

  • Bowling
  • Track
  • Swimming
  • School Dances
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Choral Performances
  • Raised-edge Driving Course

During the popular summer programs, students have a chance to work together in the Wildcat Bistro, where the staff pays for snacks, breakfast or dinners and the students deliver, handle the cash and learn how to operate a bistro. Other summer school activities involve musical performances - sometimes in groups and sometimes solo - where the entire staff is also invited to watch these gifted student performances.

Our students also compete against other students in various sports accrding to the guidelines set forth by The South Central Association of Schools for the Blind SCASB Schools.

Field Trips

Field trips are often used to provide experiential knowledge of Orientation and mobility, combined with life skills such as navigating a Target store, or joining a parade downtown (such as White Cane day). Each trip has a goal.

Community Service Opportunities

When fires hit Bastrop, Texas, the students at TSBVI pitched in and planted hundreds of pines to replenish the state park's depleted groves.