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If you are interested in learning about admission of a student to Comprehensive Programs or if you would like to request an application, please read the guide below.
You may contact Cathy Olsen for further information.

Admissions Coordinator: Cathy Olsen 
Phone: (512) 206-9182

Steps to Admission

  1. TSBVI serves students who are residents of Texas.
  2. Students must have been determined by their local school districts to be eligible for educational services as students with a visual impairment or deafblindness.
  3. Referrals for consideration for admission must be originated by the student's local school district in collaboration with the student’s parent. The local school district would need to hold an ARD Committee Meeting to request admission to TSBVI.
  4. TSBVI cannot accept direct parent referrals.
  5. The school is intended to serve students who require specialized or intensive educational or related services related to the visual impairment. The school is not intended to serve:
    • students whose needs are appropriately addressed in a home or hospital setting or in a residential treatment facility; or
    • students whose primary, ongoing needs are related to a severe or profound emotional, behavioral, or cognitive deficit. (TEC §30.021)
  6. The first point of contact at TSBVI is the Admissions Coordinator at 512-206-9182.
  7. The Admissions Coordinator will explain the admissions process to the representative of the local school district. The representative will be asked to send a copy of the student’s ARD in which TSBVI referral was discussed.
  8. Upon receipt of the ARD document, the TSBVI Admissions Coordinator will communicate by phone with the local district representative. She will follow up by sending the application for admission and a request for additional information about the student, such as the FIE report, related service reports, and other important documents.
  9. At any point in the referral process, parents and local school district representatives are welcome to tour the campus and meet staff members.
  10. The local school district sends the application and other requested materials to the Admissions Coordinator.
  11. After receiving the student application and other documentation requested, the TSBVI Referral Committee will review all information to determine 1) if the student is eligible for services at TSBVI; and if so, 2) whether it appears that the student is receiving a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) from the local district. The Committee determines whether the student is admitted, not admitted or whether additional information is needed. An on-site visit to the local school district may be requested to obtain further information.
  12. The Director of the Center for School Resources will notify the local school district of the decision of the Referral Committee.
  13. If the local school district is not satisfied with the recommendation of the Referral Committee, it may appeal the decision to the Director of the Center for School Resources.
  14. If the student is admitted, the Principal and program supervisors determine the program placement and tentative enrollment date for the student.
  15. The Admissions Coordinator arranges the student's enrollment date with the local school district and parents. Registration materials will be sent to the parent and must be received before the student can enroll at TSBVI.
  16. On the day of enrollment, the student and family participate in registration activities. This includes meeting staff who will work with the student at TSBVI, checking in with the school Health Center nurses, and moving the student into the dormitory if the student will be residential.
  17. A date and time for an initial joint ARD Committee Meeting between TSBVI, the local district and the parents or adult student will be arranged. The purpose of this ARD will be to develop the IEP, to discuss the student's placement at TSBVI, and to make a plan for return of the student to the local school district. From the time a student is accepted for admission, TSBVI focuses on developing a strong partnership with the staff of the student’s local school district and with the parent.
  18. TSBVI, the local school district, and the parents or adult student will review the student's educational placement every year at the annual ARD Committee Meeting. During the student’s enrollment, TSBVI collaborates intensively with the district and other agency staff and the student’s family to prepare for the student’s return to the district as soon as the district is prepared to provide a FAPE.