Professional Preparation General Overview

This page contains information and resources on becoming a TVI or Orientation and Mobility Specialist in Texas. There are also links to brochure information on Texas Fellows and University programs.

Professional Preparation: How Do I Become a VI Professional


Why Become a VI Professional: Fact Sheets

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Professional Preparation

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Texas Fellows

Texas Fellows are recruiters! Texas Fellows have helped people find out about
the field of visual impairments and become a VI professional. Texas Fellows and their
candidates are recognized for a year:

  • In the Texas SenseAbilities newsletter
  • At all statewide TSBVI functions,
  • and receive either one of TSBVI’s most popular publications or free registration to a TSBVI-sponsored training event.

Becoming a Texas Fellow is easy:

Professional Preparation Advisory Group (PPAG)

Statement of Need






For more information about professional preparation, contact:

Cecilia Robinson, TSBVI Outreach Programs

Coordinator for Statewide Professional Development and Personnel Preparation

1100 W. 45th Street
Austin, Texas 78756