Texas Fellows

Information on the Texas Fellows program for recruiting new VI professionals.

Be a Texas Fellow

Texas Fellows Application (Word or PDF)

Texas Fellows:

  • Recruit new VI professionals to the field because:
    • All students benefit from lower caseloads
    • Lower caseloads are achieved when more VI professionals are available

As a Texas Fellow you and your candidates will:

  • Be Recognized at all TSBVI sponsored statewide activities
  • Be Acknowledged in three editions of the TX SenseAbilities newsletter,
  • Receive one of TSBVI’s most popular publications OR FREE registration for a TSBVI Conference (See the application for a specific list of conferences.)

How we grow as a field is directly related to YOUR individual effort.

Be one of the exceptional of the exceptional: Be a Texas Fellow!

Recruit a New VI Professional!

Good recruiters:

  • Know it can take 12 to 18 months for someone to apply.
  • Share stories of successes, not frustrations
  • Provide encouragement during the application process
  • Tell people the information they want to hear:

People want to know that:

  • Jobs are available,
  • Tuition will be paid, and
  • They will be able to take classes without leaving home.

And that VI Professionals enjoy:

  • Having a non-traditional job
  • Being student-need driven
  • Working with intriguing students
  • Respect from parents, students, and administrators
  • Working 1-to-1 with students, or in small groups
  • On-the-job diversity