The Activities Checklist for O&M Mentor/Protégé Teams

This is a list of activities created by an advisory committee of certified O&M specialists in Texas that represents cluster groups of the twenty educational service centers.

OM Mentor Activities Checklist (DOC) (PDF)

The following list of activities was created by an advisory committee of certified O&M specialists in Texas that represents cluster groups of the twenty educational service centers. For the purposes of organization, the activities are categorized into thirteen key subject areas as recommended by the committee members.

Selected activities are to be completed by the mentor/protégé team during the time of the mentor/protégé relationship. This timeframe includes while the protégé is still involved in taking courses that will lead to O&M certification and extends through the protégé’s first year of employment in a school district as an O&M specialist. Ideally, the protégé will be assigned to a mentor early in the training process, but this is not always possible due to a variety of factors. As soon as the mentor/protégé team assignment is established, the team members should review this activity checklist and determine a plan to complete the activities.

For each subject area, there are a few highly recommended activities (marked by an asterisk) and several additional suggested activities. The differentiation between highly recommended and suggested activities was determined by the O&M Advisory Committee at the inception of the mentor program. The list was further reviewed and refined by O&M mentors who attended the mentor trainings. For all the activities, the mentor and protégé should identify those that would be beneficial for the protégé to complete and see that they are covered during the mentor/protégé relationship. Each team is encouraged to identify and work on additional activities that the team members feel would benefit the protégé.

As each activity is completed, the date of completion should be noted in the box next to the activity. Each team can individually decide who is responsible for keeping the checklist up to date. However, at the end of the formal mentor/protégé assignment (i.e., after the protégé has completed all course work and been employed as an O&M specialist for one year), both the mentor and protégé should sign each page and submit the completed checklist to the mentor coordinator at the address listed below.

Some of the activities listed may be required assignments made by the university professors teaching the related courses. If the student/protégé is assigned to a mentor at the time he/she is taking the course, the mentor may be one of the resources that the student utilizes in order to complete course requirements. However, the mentor should be only one of the options available to assist the student in this situation. The professor for each course will also name other options. Mentors should not feel obligated to schedule activities with their school district students based on the needs of the protégé to complete course requirements.

Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions about the Activities Checklist or anything else about the mentor program.

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