Professional Preparation in Visual Impairments

Find out more about the application process, job responsibilities, Texas Fellows and Mentor Program.

Professional Preparation General Overview

This page contains information and resources on becoming a TVI or Orientation and Mobility Specialist in Texas. There are also links to brochure information on Texas Fellows and University programs.

VI and O&M Preparation in Texas

Information on how to become certified as a teacher of students with visual impairments or an orientation and mobility specialist.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities

Overview of typical roles and responsibilities of VI Professionals, including TVIs, COMS.

New VI Professional

As a novice VI professional, you may often feel alone in the world with little access to colleagues who can lend support and offer ideas. This page offers information and resources to help you get started.

  • "The Mentor Program is superb. I’ve been a teacher for ten years, and I’ve felt more support in this last year than I’ve ever encountered previously. I wish all teachers could have the experience that I’ve had."

  • "I honestly could not have done this job without my mentor. She was such a valuable part of my learning."