Workshops for Transition

Workshops and training sessions related to transition.

Workshops for Transition

Success Is More Than Just a Job: Person-Centered Transition Planning is the Key

Presenters: Eva Thompson-Lavigne and David Wiley, Transition Consultants, TSBVI Outreach Programs
Audience: Parents and Students (with visual impairments or deafblindness)
Length of training: 2 days

Effective transition begins with a person-centered approach.  In this highly interactive training event participants (parents and students with visual impairments who are at or near grade-level ages 10+) will learn what a person-centered approach to transition is and how they can use it in planning for transition from school to life in the adult world.  Appropriate assessments, visual MAPS and action plans will be developed through a planning process to help guide participants to develop coordinated activities to achieve their desired post-school outcomes.

Transition Planning: A Process for Making It Meaningful

Presenters: TSBVI Outreach Programs Consultants
Audience: Transition Teams (including Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists, DARS-DBS Staff Diagnosticians, Parents, and the Student)
Length of Training: 1 day

Federal and state laws call for collaboration between school and human service providers in planning transition for students with disabilities. Still we struggle trying to find a process that works. This workshop will provide a transition planning process to follow for developing meaningful transition goals and objectives for students with visual impairments. Designed for team participation that includes educational and rehabilitation staff as well as the family and students, this workshop is very hands-on. Teams will learn and use a process for meaningful transition planning for their visually impaired students. Participants will use action plans within the transition process to begin writing meaningful goals and objectives for their student or students.

Transition Planning: Individual Team Training

Presenter: Eva Thompson-Lavigne, Transition Consultant, Outreach
Audience: Transition Teams (including Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists, DARS-DBS Staff, Diagnosticians, Parents, and the Student)
Length of Training: 3 hours each home meeting and school observation, plus 4 hours of team training. Times are flexible based on the needs of the team, but can be managed in 2 days.

A unique event offering an individual team training experience focused on a single student who is visually impaired. Included is a home visit to discuss transition plans with the family, to identify student strengths and needs and to observe and discuss independent living skills. An observation period at the school provides an opportunity to meet with school staff individually. The team (including human service representatives) comes together for approximately 4 hours of training to work through a variety of assessment tools; to identify specific transition-related goals and objectives for the IEP; and to make an action plan related to on-going transition activities for the student and support activities for staff and family. The goal of this training is to improve the quality of transition planning and programming for the student through a highly collaborative team process.

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