Workshops for Orientation and Mobility

Workshops and training sessions related to orientation and mobility.

Workshops for Orientation & Mobility

Determining Time and Amount of VI and O&M Services for Your Students

Presenters: Chris Tabb, Orientation and Mobility Consultant and Chrissy Cowan, Mentor Coordinator, TSBVI Outreach Programs
Audience: Orientation and Mobility Specialists
Length of Training: 1/2 day (Offered in Spring 2012)

We do it all the time—make recommendations on the amount of VI and/or O&M services for our students, yet we have no set standard for making this determination.  Bring information about your students to this workshop and begin standardizing how you determine type and amount of services by using the Michigan Severity Rating Scales (for O&M and VI) – or be introduced to the new Texas Revised Rating Scales, if they are ready to use.  Chrissy Cowan and Ruth Ann Marsh will help you learn how this process works and get you started applying it to your caseload.

Orientation and Mobility: What Does It Mean for Students with Visual and Multiple Impairments?

Presenter: Chris Tabb, Orientation and Mobility Consultant, TSBVI Outreach Programs
Audience: Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists and Teachers of the Visually Impaired
Length of training: 1 day

Should children with visual and multiple impairments receive O&M services even if they are not independently mobile? If a child is never going to be an independent traveler, what is the purpose of providing O&M training? Direct service or the consult model, what works best? These are some of the questions Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists must deal with in addressing the wide range of abilities and needs exhibited by students with visual and multiple impairments. There is no set curriculum Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists can employ, but there are perspectives that help us create appropriate O&M programming for many of these students. This workshop combines lecture and discussion to enable participants to gather ideas and techniques useful in providing appropriate O&M services to the students with visual and multiple disabilities.

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