Literacy for Little Ones

Professionals can use the Literacy for Little Ones handouts, activity guides, and slideshows to implement the program with their local vision teams. 

Literacy for Little Ones was developed to help professionals and families provide systematic opportunities for movement, interaction, and stimulation to infants and young children with visual impairments, especially those who are likely to be tactile learners. It was developed in response to concerns identified by the Texas Action Committee for the Education of Students with Visual Impairments that students who are tactile learners were not demonstrating adequate literacy progress. Sessions focus on motor, concept, and language development, as well as early reading and writing. For more information about early literacy development, the rationale for this project, and ideas for how to structure the training sessions for professionals and families, see the Literacy for Little Ones How-To Document.

Each Literacy for Little Ones session folder includes information on how to prepare for each session, a slideshow presentation for each topic, resources such as hands-on activities, videos, handouts, and links for additional resources. There is a pre- and a post-test for the overall program. Teachers will receive information about appropriate evaluation tools and curricular materials to use with their students. In addition to the topical sessions, professionals will practice applying the learning with their young students at home and during daycare visits. Each folder includes materials and handouts for a family training component to support the generalization of skills and practices into the home environment.

Folder Contents


If you need any additional information or have questions about the implementation of this program, please reach out to Kathi Garza in the Outreach Department.