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TSBVI Outreach Coffee Hour recordings are not eligible for delayed viewing credits. To earn CEUs for participating in upcoming sessions, please visit the current registration page.

Features and Needs of Individuals with CVI Across the Phases with Dr. Christine Roman

This presentation will introduce participants to an approach to learning media assessment for students who have CVI. An Approach to Sensory Balance (Roman Lantzy & Tietjen, 2020) was developed to address the needs of learners who have visual impairment that is associated with improving functional vision and is thus, distinctly different from most ocular causes of visual impairment. The session will include a rationale for use of the Sensory Balance method and examples of the methods used across Phase I-III.


Handout (PDF)

Taking the Angst Out of Literacy Media Decisions

Spoiler Alert: It's Not Either/Or - With Kathi Garza and Chrissy Cowan. This session focuses on the selection of appropriate literacy media by providing information on the laws related to literacy media decisions for students with a visual impairment, the components for thorough and rigorous literacy media evaluations, and the intricacies of print, braille, and auditory media. Participants will be introduced to the concept of a “customized literacy access plan” with guidance on how to create one for your students and instructional team.

Progression of Tactile Learning: A Developmental Checklist

The Progression of Tactile Learning is currently in development at TSBVI. It is a checklist designed to help teachers create a “Tactile Profile” for students with visual impairment who are struggling with the acquisition of tactile skills and/or have not made expected progress. This information will assist in developing instruction that targets specific individual needs in that area. Participants will have the opportunity to review and comment on the PTL and we welcome your input!

Distance Considerations for Birth to 3

This presentation will cover survival knowledge of Part C regulations for providers new to Part C with new referrals. It will also give immediately useable strategies for operating in the Early Intervention world virtually, including building a rapport, assessing and designing instructional plans, and conducting virtual home visits.

Introduction to the Chromebook

Join Cecilia Robinson from TSBVI Outreach and Bruce McClanahan from Washing State School for the Blind on our October 1st Coffee Hour as they present an introduction to the Chromebook. Learn about Chromebook's built-in accessibility support for students with visual impairments. Acquire tips and resources in this session.

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