Deafblind Family Engagement

Information for Texas families of students who are deafblind, including contact information to reach our Deafblind Family Engagement Specialist, and a link to the Texas Deafblind Project website.

Welcome, Families of Students with Deafblindness

Dear Family,

deafblind baby with toy

My name is Edgenie Bellah and I am the Family Engagement Coordinator for the Texas Deafblind Project. Let me tell you a little about our project and how we can partner with you.

Any combined hearing and vision loss that significantly limits a person’s ability to get information from the environment can be considered deafblindness. Children who are deafblind may benefit from specialized modifications and supports in order to learn, communicate, and interact with the world.

The Texas Deafblind Project is a federally funded grant whose mission is to support children with a combined vision and hearing loss (birth through age 22) and their families. We offer free support, information, and training statewide. To learn more about our project, please visit the Texas Deafblind Project website.

On our Topical Resources page, I’ve included some of the resources families have shared that they have found helpful. You can find a variety of topics, including family engagement, at the Texas Deafblind Project website. I am happy to provide you with more, if you are interested.

Resource Highlights:

Meet Your Texas Family Organizations (Spanish)

Meet Your Texas Family Organizations (English)

Some of the ways I can assist you include:

  • Talk about family matters including your child’s community involvement, school program, and related supports.
  • Provide training for your family.
  • Help you access financial assistance for travel costs to participate in conferences.
  • Explore training opportunities.
  • Help you learn more about special education, family organizations, Medicaid waivers, resources for transition to adulthood, and other needs.

Make Contact!

If you would like to connect with us, please complete our Initial Contact Form.

I am just a phone call or e-mail away! Please feel free to contact me anytime. There is no question too big or too small.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Edgenie Bellah
Family Engagement Coordinator
(512) 206-9423 | [email protected]