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Excerpted from AFB Career Connect Website

Abstract: This article describes new videos about teen employment

Keywords: blind, visually impaired, vision loss, employment, teens, American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), Career Connect

Who doesn't like a good adventure? Check out this series of short videos co-produced by CareerConnect and Braille Institute that are targeted at teens with vision loss. The first video in the series, On Your Mark, Get Set&Go to Work, addresses the importance of first jobs and finding employment as a young adult. Interviews and footage of job sites where young adults are working include schools, offices, a call center, a lifeguard station, a restaurant, and a pet grooming center; in addition, there's footage of a young woman working as a sign holder. Find out how these young adults found their jobs and what they think of working. The video includes detailed narration that brings the message of the video to anyone who cannot see the footage. In addition, a verbatim transcript with descriptions of the visual content is available.

In the next video in the series, meet Aaron, a forward-thinking, awesome teen determined to get a job. Have fun and learn how to navigate common obstacles as you go with him on his adventures in employment!

In the newest video co-produced by CareerConnect and Braille Institute, learn what employers have to say about hiring teens with vision loss:

And don't miss this page: It's been hard not to notice the number of blind or visually impaired teens and young adults who have caught the attention of the media because of their awe-inspiring accomplishments in sports and other arenas. We were impressed enough to want to share them with you!