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Spring 2009 Table of Contents
Versión Español de este artículo (Spanish Version)

By Patsy Izaguirre, Student, Copperas Cove, TX
and Amanda Huston, Student, Nevada, TX

Abstract: Two students with deafblindness share their thoughts on becoming BFF, Best Friends Forever, and how the friendship enriches their lives.

Keywords: Family Wisdom, deafblind, friendship, Texas Symposium on Deafblindness

Editor's Note: Amanda and Patsy wrote keynote presentions for this year's Texas Symposium on Deafblindness. We wanted to once again share their delightful messages. The two articles that follow, Reaching for Skye and Living the Good Life, are also based on 2009 Symposium keynotes. Remarks made at the Symposium are the source of Purpose, Satisfaction, and Joy... in the Effective Practices section as well.


Hi my name is Patsy Izaguirre. I am 21 years old. I was born in January 8th 1988. When I was born and I was very small.

I have my parents, mom and Dad, and two brothers, Alex and Jerrad, and two dogs, and one rabbit. My mom learned a lot of sign because she know that I am deaf and blind. My dad know some signs. So he is still learning to sign language and my two brothers knows the signs, they can learn more signs too.

When I was three years old I went to learn my new sign language so I can sign so good. My mom went to sign class to learn the sign. My grandma, Aunts and Dad went to sign class with my mom.

When I was three years old I learned to Braille because I was blind. But I was very scared to read the Braille. My vision teacher helped me to Braille better on the Braille writer.

When I came to the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Austin I was very nervous because it was my first time to come here from my home. I was very excited to meet the people who know the signs.

After summer school I am feel happy to go home.

After I come home and I talked with my mom about the summer school. I showed her the pictures the school. It was fun. After I graduated from HHHS and I came back to Austin and start school and I learned new things with Deanna.

I met the other roommate name Amanda. Amanda is deaf and blind like me. Amanda and I are the best friends. We had fun things. Charity, Amanda and I went to the trip to have fun. Charity threw the water on me and Amanda.

Last summer Amanda came to my house to spend night with me for three days. At my house we went swimming in my pool. It was fun. Then my other friend, Cheyene came over to my house and we went bowling. It was wonderful. Amanda like to stay at my house with me because she love to swim in my pool.

When I will be adult I will have the jobs. I will work at elementary school to teach the blind and deaf children to learn to read the books and do fun math. Then we will work on the computer.

When I graduate from TSBVI Amanda and I hope maybe Amanda and I would live at apartment in Austin and my family will visit with me to have fun. Maybe they can spend night with me at my house. Maybe Amanda and I will have the friends that can come to visit with us and spend night. I hope Amanda's family can come to visit with Amanda and spend night with her.

Amanda and I will be friends for long time.


Hi my name is Amanda Huston. I am 18 years old. I was born blind and with ataxia. I lost my hearing when I was 4 years old. I learned sign when I was 7 years old in O'Henry school. My mom did not know sign until I was 9 years old and I misbehaved. When I was 11 years old I got a Cochlear Implant. Before I got my CI could hear a little bit not very much. After I got my CI I was 15 I could hear a lot. I got my hearing aid when I was 18. My CI and HA are very fancy my HA have sparkles on the mold and my CI have many different colors.

I came to TSBVI when I was 12 years old in the summer then I came here when I was 14 in the school year. I had a lot of friends but they do not know sign. My teachers needed to help me talk to them. That made me feel sad. I met Patsy two years ago in 2007.

patsyandamanda I have been best friend with Patsy for 2 years. She is deafblind too like I am. We sign in our hands and we talk a lot. That made me feel happy. Patsy was the only one that I can talk without help. When I first met Patsy I felt nervous and shy. I was happy that Patsy was here because no other friends know sign. Patsy and I learned how to cook in the oven but all by our selves we were scared.

This summer we went to Camp Summit for one week. At Camp Summit we rode horses, went swimming, climbed ropes, did arts and crafts, did sports and game, had cookouts, went on hayride, had dance night. We had a lot of fun.

I went to Patsy's house last summer for four days. We went swimming, bowling, and ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I met Cheyenne Brown. She is Alex's girlfriend. Alex is Patsy's brother. In August we all went to Six Flags. Patsy's mom, dad, two brothers, Cheyenne, my mom and dad we all went together. I had so much fun. We rode different rides there. Patsy and I were very scared of the fast ride. They all know how to sign.

We are staying at TSBVI for one more year then we will graduate. When we leave, we will feel scared because we love to stay at there. It is fun and people are very important to us. After we graduate TSBVI we are going to Helen Keller school in New York

Patsy and I hope we can live in a house with friends. Patsy and I will be friends forever.

I love giving speeches. It is fun to talk about your life. I love to talk with a lot of deafblind people and meet them I hope you all have a great day.