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Abstract: This article provides an update on the grand opening of Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s largest park for children and adults with special needs.

Key Words: blindness, visual impairment, deafblind, disability, accessibility, special needs, Morgan’s Wonderland, park, recreation


Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s largest park for online before visiting. Go to <https://registration. children and adults with special needs, will open> to pre-register. gradually, starting in February with a limited number of visitors so they can make improvements to The Grand Opening is April 10th. This is the first the park before the Grand Opening on April 10. official day of operation, and they will have fes-This “soft opening” gives the park the best oppor-tivities and special activities on that date to comtunity to continually improve upon their guest ser-memorate this historic event. Make your plans vice skills while still providing a quality experience now to visit this exceptional facility. <http://www. for their guests. Even during the Soft Opening, all guests will be required to pre-register Grand-Opening-Countdown.html>.