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By Gloria Bennett, Coordinator of ABCTX

Abstract: All Blind Children of Texas (ABCTX) can provide funds to VI professionals in Texas for special projects outside of school.

Keywords: News & Views, blind visually impaired, funding, special projects

A cooking day, an outing to the zoo, a ride on a train, a meet-and-greet with parents and siblings... Wouldn't you love to design a small program for your students-and have the budget to make it happen?

All Blind Children of Texas (ABCTX) is a nonprofit organization that will help your dreams for your students come true. ABCTX has funds to support programs that you want to provide for your blind and visually impaired students outside of school. The board of ABCTX is aware of the dedication and knowledge that Texas VI professionals have in relation to their students. We want you to be able to create opportunities for your students to experience events and activities that will deepen their knowledge of the world and enhance their lives, without having to pay out of your pocket. We have funded cooking programs, travel on trains and light rail, camping and camps, arts & crafts, fine arts and many, many more. The board encourages programs that include sighted peers.

Our application identifies these categories. Your program can address one or more of them.

  • Social and recreational activities
  • Fine arts activities
  • Summer enrichment
  • Youth camp or class scholarship
  • Parent education and support
  • Assistive technology or low vision devices (not covered by DARS or some other agency)
  • Tutoring and mentoring

What do we ask in return? We ask that you &

  • keep records of your expenses
  • return any amount you don't spend
  • send us an after-program report within 2 weeks of your program
  • We also ask that you keep your requests to the exact amount that you need so that we can fund as many projects for as many children as possible from our limited resources.

The mission of All Blind Children of Texas is to advance the optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social development of blind and visually impaired children. We know that is your mission as well!

You can find the program application on our website at where you can download, fill out and email it. If you have any questions, call Gloria Bennett at (512) 206-9234.

If you need funds for a summer program, please make sure your application is received by May 22, 2009, to give the Board of Directors of All Blind Children of Texas time to consider your application.