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When You Contract to Provide a Presentation

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Outreach Programs periodically contracts with individuals to provide a presentation or to create content for a webinar, workshop, conference or online course. As a state agency we are subject to specific policies related to the development of these contracts.  The information below is meant to help you understand what each piece of paperwork you are asked to complete is about and also to serve as a checklist to you.

Please be sure you have submitted this information to your TSBVI Outreach Programs contact.


Speakers need to submit a W-9 form.  They can go to to download the W-9 form, complete it and send it to the business office at the address noted on the contract.  If they are from a country outside the USA or have other issues related to the W-9, please speak with Miriam first.

Submit Speaker Information and Media Release Forms

Your contact at TSBVI Outreach will send you the Speaker Information and Media Release forms electronically. It is extremely important that you complete these forms as soon as possible so your contract and other paperwork can be generated and you can be paid. Please share your travel itinerary so we can track your flight in case of delays or cancellations. You can preview the form by downloading a sample version.

Travel Arrangements

Each speaker is responsible for making their own travel arrangements and paying for them upfront. This includes your hotel reservations.  Please visit the event website for information about the hotel(s) associated with this event or ask your Outreach staff contact about appropriate lodging.  We typically have a block of rooms at a special conference rate which we would prefer you use.

If you need assistance in making your hotel arrangements, please check with your Outreach contact who should be able to help you.

Your Contract

After we receive your Session Information and Media Release forms, we will generate your contract, so please return these forms as quickly as possible so we can get your contract to you in a timely fashion.  The contract will be made for a "flat fee" that includes the cost of services, travel costs, meals, parking, rental vehicle, gas, taxi/shuttle fares and any other miscellaneous costs such as baggage fees.  Before you sign your contract please make sure you are in agreement with the fee we propose to pay.  If you have questions please direct them to your Outreach staff contact.

If you wish for the contract to be made with your agency rather than you as an individual, you will need to provide an EIN number for your agency. If you are not a United States citizen, there may be some special paperwork that you need to share with us.  Please discuss your special situation with the Outreach staff person who contacts you so we can make sure you are submitting the correct forms for payment. 

Curriculum Vitae or Resume

A speaker must submit a current Curriculum Vitae (CV).  If you have a CV or Resume online you may send the link to us.

Please Register for the Event

You will need to register for the event at even if you do not plan to attend all sessions.  If the speaker has not registered for an event previously you will need to create an account. Speakers should use the special promotional code we will provide so that the system will not charge you a registration fee.  If you have any problems registering for an event or have any questions related to registering for an event contact Brian Sobeck at 512-206-9225 and he can help you.


We provide handouts that include the content of any powerpoint you show plus any additional content (e.g., bibliographies, articles) into a single screenreader accessible handout. This handout is posted on our conference website for participants to download.  We only provide paper handouts on request.  This takes some time on our end to prepare.  You MUST submit any handout and powerpoint content to us by date listed in your Session Information Form in editable electronic files. Please do not send "Read Only" files or other files where the content cannot be copied for inclusion in a Word document.  

If you are sending multiple files, please specify the order for each piece of content.  If you are including any images or graphs in either your power point or handout material, please be sure to caption them or include an alt text tag we may use for each image.

Here is a sample of how the handout will look after we process it for posting on the web.  

Here are some of ways to make your handout easier to process:

  • Send content (powerpoints and other material) in editable formats.
  • Limit images in your powerpoint to those that are essential and be sure to provide captions for each image.
  • Consider sharing a bibliography with links rather than a full article.
  • Include information about the order of the various files you send when they are compiled into a single handout (we always put the powerpoint first).
  • If you have special instructions such as not including your photos or images or powerpoint in your handout, please let us know.  You will need to plan to provide a description of each slide during your presentation if your powerpoint is not included.
  • Try not to make changes to your powerpoint after you submit it to us.
  • Forms will need to be accessible as well and may need to be re-sized to fit on an 8"x11" paper format. Consider whether these forms need to be included.

Your handout will be posted approximately 1 week prior to the event and will be removed from the web approximately 1 week after the event is over.

Special Needs

We want your experience at this TSBVI event to be as pleasant as possible.  Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any special needs that we should be aware of or simply have questions.  Our Outreach staff will do every thing we can to make sure you have what you need.

After Services are Provided

Invoice Us

A speaker must submit an invoice no later than the 15th of the following month after the work is completed (e.g., work done in February should be submitted by the 15th of March).  Send the invoice to our business office at the address noted on the contract. If you have any questions about this please contact the Outreach staff member who contacted you about your presentation.

You may want to download a sample invoice or make sure the invoice you send includes a purchase order number which we will supply when you attend the event.