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School Year Permission Forms

In addition to the forms below some classes may require additional releases for specific activities.

Links to online forms

Absence from Campus Permission Form

Acceptable Use of Technology Permission Form

Elementary Code of Conduct

Equine Release Permission Form

Media Release Permission Form

Parent Authorization Permission Form

Rock Wall Permission Form

Secondary Code of Conduct

Swimming Permission Form

TSBVI Standing Orders Permission Form

Visitor Permission Form

Medical/Dietary Section of the Application

The Medical Dietary form is part of the online application. This form is intended to be downloaded for completion by parents. The completed version is given to the student's TVI to help the TVI complete the application.

Medical Dietary Form - English

Estudiante Historia de la Medicina Dietética

Forms to be downloaded, completed and emailed to the Short-Term Programs office

Adrenal Crisis Plan - only if applicable

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan - only if applicable

Asthma Action Plan - only if applicable

Technology and Personal Items Inventory - for all students (especially important to list and lable technology and devices)

    Lista de Ropa / Artículos Personales del Estudiante

Diabetes Action Plan (Type I or II) - only if applicable

Life Jacket Waiver - only applicable for students with a history of seizures

Provider's Orders - if your student takes medication (over the counter or prescription, including supplements and vitamins)

Retinal Precautions Information and Waiver Form- Important for all parents to read. Waiver is available if applicable.

Seizure Management Plan - only if applicable


Parent Information Documents

Campus Map

Health Center Letter to Parents - Important for all parents to read. We have made changes to our procedures.

    Carta del Centro de Salud a los padres

When should your child stay home?

Homesickness Tips

    Consejos para evitar la nostalgia del hogar

School Year Packing List - What to Bring

    Lista de Embalaje del Año Escolar- Qué llevar 

Student Attendance while at TSBVI

Forms for specific classes

City Travel for COMS and Their Students

Night O&M Permission - online

Special Activity release - online

Travel Letter to COMS

Travel Packing list

Elementary Independence Weekend: Outdoor Adventures

Equine Release - online

Candlelight Ranch Liability release

Special Activity release - online

Health & Well-Being: An Introduction to Sexuality

Sexuality Education Information and Permission - online

High School Independence Weekend: Outdoor Challenge

Equine Release - online

Candlelight Ranch Liability release

Special Activity release - online

Pioneer Times

Equine Release - online

Candlelight Ranch Liability release

Special Activity release


Downloadable PDFs of Online forms

Please use these only if you have difficulty accessing our online forms. Some forms are available here in Spanish.


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