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October 6 - 9

Grades 8 - 12

UEB braille 3It's time for Braille readers to transition to Unified English Braille Code (UEB). In this enjoyable weekend class, students who currently read and write braille will get a head-start on the transition to UEB.

Learning UEB in the company of other Braille readers is fun, and allows the topic to be approached in interesting ways. Read and share jokes and riddles with your classmates. Read a recipe—and cook it! Read a menu—and eat at the restaurant! Read a script—and dramatize the play! Come share this introduction to UEB with your peers.

Take home new skills, a useful set of references, and good memories!

Please note: This class is not "Introduction to Braille." Applicants must currently be competent in reading and writing braille and only need to transition to UEB.

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