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  • Click on the “Student’s Independent Living Skills, Communication &Behavior” link
  • The first section of the page recommends that you have the student’s parent fill out a form before moving on. To do this, locate the links at the bottom of this paragraph and choose either the English or the Spanish Form. This form can either be printed or sent as an email. If you are having difficulty entering text into the text boxes, check if there is a yellow bar at the top of the document.  If there is, click the button “enable editing” within that bar.
  • The second section of the page is where you enter this information for the application into the texts fields, drop down boxes, and check boxes. If you or another TVI has filled out an application for this student in the past, some fields may already contain information. Please check that this information is still accurate.
  • If you are not done completing the form, locate the button titled “Save and Finish Later” at either the top or bottom of the screen.
  • If you are finished filling in all of the required information you can locate and click the button, “Submit Completed Page” at the bottom of the page.
  • If the document does not submit, check that you have filled in all required fields.
  • When the document is saved or submitted it will return you to the Application Overview Page and your progress will be reflected there.

Partial screenshot of the ILS, communication and behavior page displaying both the English and Spanish forms and the the start of the fields in the form.

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