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This is used to refer an academic student to a school year Short-Term program. It is recommended that you login if you already have a registered account, but it is not necessary. Once you have submitted a referral you will be notified about 2 months before the class start date on whether or not your student was accepted. If your student was accepted we will then give you access to create a new application or update a previously used application for that student.

  • Log in if you are registered (this is not necessary if you do not have an account yet)
  • Locate the “Student” tab in the upper right corner of the page and click it.
  • Under the School Year heading you will find a link labelled “Student Referral”. Follow that link.

Carefully read all of the information and fill out the form provided.

Partial screenshot showing the student application launch page with the school year tab and two links, one of student referral, one of the application form.

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