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 There are reasons why students may be unable to attend a Short-Term Programs class during the school year. However, they may still demonstrate a need for robust and intensive instruction. The Short-Term Programs department wants to continue to reach students across the state with innovative solutions. In order to reach more students, Short-Term Programs offers individualized instruction that may take the form of distance communication, student-teacher visits to our campus, or a Short-Term Programs teacher visiting your district to teach a lesson.

What Next?

  1. If you are interested in exploring individualized instruction for your student, submit a referral for Individualized Instruction.
  2. A Short-Term Programs teacher will contact you to discuss student needs, dates, and locations.
  3. You can help our teachers by identifying available classroom or instructional spaces in your district.

We look forward to working with you to support students in a new way this school year!

For additional information about the content of this section contact Sara Merritt at  or 512-206-9176.

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