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February 11-14Cartoon of child mixing batter in a bowl

Ages 7-9

The Independence Weekend classes offer project-based learning opportunities to practice skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum. A class theme provides the motivational, real-world relevance for learning, and students practice a range of interdisciplinary skills by working collaboratively to obtain meaningful products or experiences. Students also have the opportunity to share personal experiences with others who are visually impaired.

Let's Get Cooking is a new class for our younger elementary students. Students will gain experience in a variety of food preparation skills based on student need. These could include spreading, stirring, pouring, measuring, slicing, and using appliances. Setting and clearing the table, cleaning your workstation, and putting dishes in a dishwasher will be included! Students will have opportunities to read recipes in their appropriate media, follow instructions, sample unfamiliar foods, and open different kinds of packaging. (Safety is a primary focus, and all activities will be directly supervised.)

This class provides many opportunities to practice independent living skills, recreation and leisure skills, and social skills.

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