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Guestbook for Dr. Phil Hatlen

Please post in this guestbook to share memories, express gratitude or simply say farewell to a wonderful man. 

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Anna Bradfield: Forever grateful
I am forever grateful for Phil Hatlen's leadership, mentorship, humor, passion, honesty and focus on assuring that all children with visual impairments had the best education available. There are many personal moments that I treasure in my heart. This includes a meeting with Alan Koenig and I where he simply said, 'make this about kids and make it so!' I miss him already and our field will miss him forever.

Sunday, 17 January 2016
Rose Halpin: SFSU memories
So much to say... My advisor from NIU personally "handed me over" to Phil for safe keeping in my masters program in O&M @ SFSU. I had a roommate I could not live with & when I told him, he wrote me a personal check to hold me over to get a private room until our stipends came in. He met us out in the field for lunch while we walked the streets of San Francisco. Always a great mentor & friend, when I flew on my own, he treated me like an equal & a colleague (as if). He had a big heart & was a great teacher and advocate for those who happened to be blind. He was so passionate for his work. Our field & I will miss him dearly.

Sunday, 17 January 2016
Maureen Reardon: Phil Hatlen
As many teachers of the visually impaired in California, I had the privilege of being trained by Phil, along with Georgie Lee Abel and Pete Wurzburger. Phil was an articulate, passionate visionary, and those of us who were trained by him carry some of that passion with us. He was a true leader, and he shared his own gifts with those of us lucky enough to train with and learn from him. Peace to you,'s time to rest on your well deserved laurels.

Saturday, 16 January 2016
Billy Brookshire : Memory
I owe a lot to Phil. He was always so incredibly kind & encouraging to me. He helped me with resources & insights when I was writing Loving Me. He talked me into joining the board of All Blind Children. He was always available for advice, consolation, & lunch. We were both 60's radicals, idealists, convinced that all human beings have worth & the opportunity to make a difference. I learned a lot from him & am honored to call him friend. I am feeling overwhelming sadness at his loss. His legacy is strong in contribution...but it is his peaceful, encouraging, cooperative spirit that brought about so much positive change in our field. I love you Phil, wherever your spirit has landed.

Saturday, 16 January 2016
Karen Blankenship : Phil
Phil I will miss your encouragement your friendship and your love. You were one of a kind my friend

Saturday, 16 January 2016
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